Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With The Mouth, Everything Is Easy

And of all people, you know that President Obama.

Under the all too convenient headline Obama, Hu spar over human rights, hail econ ties (AP) we are informed of "a rare concession" by the Chinese.
AP - Chinese President Hu Jintao declared Wednesday that "a lot still needs to be done" to improve his country's record on human rights, a rare concession that came after President Barack Obama asserted that such rights are "core views" among Americans.

Dear "leaders," I could not help but notice a lack of ways in which that will be accomplished.
With the mouth, everything is easy.
Mouthing a broad "concession" is even easier.

Do you suppose Minitrue Agency of Lies* is conveying to us that we should be proud of this new, tough guy, Obama?

Yep -- I think that's the game here. Mintrue The Agency of Lies* has been handed the monumental task of making our version of dear leader look far tougher than his bowing head otherwise proves. 

[In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. -- ed.]

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