Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They May Eat You Last...

... But They Will Still Eat You.

At AoSHQ we see Monty expressing this reality is a slightly more subtle way. In Lefty union-loving magazine owner hoist by own petard, Monty explains the lead in to a coup de gras.
  • Harper's magazine is the New Yorker for people who find The Atlantic too gauche.
  • Liberal and Luddite owner John MacArthur eschews modern technology including the web.
  • Resultant losses had MacArthur laying off UAW organized workers.
  • MacArthur has slathered praise before on the UAW, including "the country’s best and traditionally most honest mass labor organization."
  • ...
  • Monty concludes much as I began: "It's all liberal solidarity until your own employees turn on you, isn't it, Mr. MacArthur?" 
For the rest as implied by the elipsis point above, go to the link above that.

Postscript: The lesson here applies not only to liberals who one day awaken and find themselves being mugged. There are conservatives among us who are conservative in ways other than in support of higher principles. How? "Damn you Pascal: now you're rocking my boat. Shut Up!"

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