Monday, January 10, 2011

Mayhem and Statist Agit-Prop:

"One death is a tragedy; a million merely a statistic." - Joe Stalin

While some of us were walking on eggs awaiting the smoke to clear from the scene of Saturday's  mayhem in Tucson, the usual suspects on the Left were out in force blaming the conservatives and the TEA party movement and anything that moves on the Right.

As the story becomes clearer, we find that the madman was associated more with the Left. We also find that the Sheriff, a Democrat, who was among the first to ring the hate-the-Right bell, appears to have been doing some shift-the-focus CYA: he had prior knowledge of the madman issuing death threats  and did not act on it.

Agit-prop, Agitate and propagandize, is the planned disruption of normal life, expecting a reaction, or staging excessive one if the desired type of reaction does not materialize, and then pointing out the outrageousness of the reactions over and over again, counting upon help from friends in the press to propagate the propaganda campaign far and wide.

With the current episode, the Left had been looking for another Oklahoma City so Obama might make gains as did Clinton after his mid-term fiasco of 1994. So they just moved in while the gun smoke was still in the air, and made up lies to propagate. A big lie campaign. Will the blogs be able to defeat them alone? (Fox News' Roger Ailes seems to have no stomach for the battle).

Nowadays the entire Fourth Estate is either part of the act or under the thumb of those who are, so now it's up to blogs like this one  to expose the game.

More popular blogs than this one are actively doing that.

Here's my contribution to the deeper implications of this chaotic news cycle.

The Statists who want power will be actively pushing bills aimed at further conditioning of Americans into fearing individuals.

Individuals, by themselves, whether a lone madmen like this one, or a gang of thugs who terrorize whole neighborhoods such as some here in Los Angeles, ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT A THUGGISH STATE IS CAPABLE OF DOING.

The Left and some SKUNCs in the GOP and the bulk of the press, and some "conservative" talkshow hosts, will focus on the tragedy of the mayhem in Tucson.
  • But they will remain silent about the legacy of 100 million murders of subjects of communist rule in the last century.
  • They will remain silent about on-going planned mass starvation of 50% of the population of Zimbabwe under bloody Marxist Robert Mugabe.  
  • They will remain silent to what the subheading in my masthead refers: The anti-human desire by well-funded Utilitarian nutcases who believe that non-useful human beings should not be alive because their continued existence will either starve the rest of us (the moral imperative of the Malthusian nutcases) or irreversibly pollute and deplete the planet (the moral imperative of the Green nutcases).

The indispensable Kevin Baker, by way of Dr. Sanity, has an 85 minute video posted* about the 20 million civilian mass murders committed by Joseph Stalin. If someone as knowledgeable about self-defense as Kevin can state "the thing that I didn't understand before is that mass murder isn't a bug of Marxism, it's a feature,'' perhaps there is hope.

There is hope that more intelligent writers around the world will have the clouds lifted from their vision after seeing this documentary.

Understand America and the World: The Left are Stalin's Children. They're determined on the road to make his megalomania look tame by comparison. 

**** Update ****
The embedded video at the above link has been pulled by Blip.TV. A worthwhile small segment and further discussion may be found here: Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children.


  1. This is indeed a "feature" and not a "bug", of not only all forms of Communism which have, and are currently in, existence today. But this is not restricted to that odious form of politic, it can (and repeatedly has) happen when ANY authoritarian/totalitari government has grasped the reigns of power. Hitler, Idi Amin (sic), "Papa Doc" Duvalier, the list goes on and on.

    Once any people are considered little more than chattel, to be used as is best determined by the (collective) State, or any such "anointed individual", who is "the State", then this is going to happen. And the resulting numbers will be not a reflection of the chattels reluctance to be marched off to their certain doom, as it will be about the rest of the world not under the yoke, delaying in physically ending this blight from the worlds stage.

    Most current example: How many. world wide, have died by the hand(s) of Islamists? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? ... Millions?

    Yet we sit on our hands. Pontius Pilate would be so very proud of the majority of our world leaders, and in how they emulate him so.

  2. However stern have been the Islamic regimes -- or for that matter zealot regimes of any religion -- they cannot hold a candle to the levels of murder carried out by socialist ideologies seeking to engineer "the new man." We're talking the deliberate, systematic elimination of over 100 million people who resisted "scientific, progressive," totalitarian rule.

    And then there were the murders of the useful idiots of whom Trotsky is the top-most icon. True believers who didn't bend to strong-man rule were labeled counter-revolutionary and fascist and sentenced to the most horrendous public deaths as a warning to others.

    This is one of the reasons why I suspect that the Left is seeking to gain by the rampage by the Tucson lunatic. That he targeted a Blue Dog Dem and not a radical Leftist or RINO congressman was not lost on the other Blue Dogs who are known, in the past, the stray of the Leftoid reservation from time to time.

  3. Oh don't misunderstand me. Those who embraced any of the various flavors of Communism have seen (or been directly part of) the 100's of millions who were "removed" from the face of the earth. Both sides of the family tree came from countries which fell under the yoke of Communism, and I am only second generation American. I only brought up the Islam point, because it has the potential, if it succeeds in gaining enough traction in taking over the world, to ammas equal amounts of human remains. For at the end of the day it is nothing more than another totalitarian regime.

    As far as what the current administration has done IRT the tragedy in Az, I have posted my take on things, and whether you read it or not I would strongly suggest you go and look at the latest "Trifecta", they have hit the nail on the head. And are directly responsible for my words.

  4. 1. My comment above should read
    "...Blue Dogs who are known, in the past, to stray off the Leftoid reservaton..."

    I agree Guy. The fact that al Qaeda was founded and led by a rich man's elitist son ought not be lost on us. It might be informative and useful to find out what Leftists he hung around with as he developed his plans to build al Qaeda as he did. This globalist movement always been a pincer, or vise-like sort of formation. The forces against freedom stage a frontal attack while hidden internal forces do their fifth column thingie.


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