Thursday, January 06, 2011

Machinations of the Super-Moral

Urban Legend #1: The ACLU does not like Police.
"We'd like a police officer on every corner. Then we could close the prisons." [emphasis added]
Quoted, to the best of my recollection of a conversation roughly twenty years old, of an executive member of the ACLU in stating her organization's goals to me. I detected not a bit of irony nor disparagement of my concerns. Simply speaking, she was conveying a liberal stance she believed to her core was the right course for society. I have no doubt as to her sincerity. What I always doubted was that she could have ever thought badly of the people who had convinced her such a goal was good. She was, at the time, the mother of two. I got the impression she had not thought out the long term consequences well at all. Consequences for herself, or her children and the world they'd inherit.

What prompted the recollection of the ACLU's wish for omnipresent police -- and my recounting of it today -- was this story noted by Drudge: Drone may be coming to Miami-Dade
Howard Simon, the executive director of the ACLU of Florida approves of the drones but also advocates strict regulation of the drones. "Technology: there's no reason not to embrace technology if it makes the streets safer, if it helps the police. The concern is, though, that every new technology also has within it the capacity to threaten people's privacy," he said. [emphasis added]
The two sentences of Mr Simon's quote represents the goals and the consequences -- split into two separate thoughts. The details of how the second thought might substantiate, and used by whom, was what was ignored by old my friend. The ACLU is thoroughly Marxist in its origins, and you know the history of Marxism. Anyone who thinks that the last sentence was only rhetorical eyewash (and it is that too, on a simple level) needs to do more research on the organization.

I can explain why the ACLU stance is threatening. But I bet there are wise people in your local neighborhood who could help you explain it in local terms.

It involves the Left's love for power; its hiding behind liberal softheartedness. And it's dependent upon the liberal's beliefs (assertions!) that: man is basically good; that poverty, the result of unequal outcomes, is the sole cause of crime; and that social justice requires society to pay for those inequities. And this will be done by empowering those with a super-moral commitment. Hence the Left's love of modern liberalism. And, hence, the Statist's love for and protection of the Left. (Conservatives: convince a "liberal" of this, and you've birthed a new conservative.)

I wished to keep this introduction to the sort of thinking short. Please question me, rhetorically if necessary, so I will feel better that more people have come to understand the danger.


  1. And I can see a standard "rote" reply to almost any objection to this being something along the lines of; "But it's for the children!!" . Or some other response about having to give up some of our "individual freedoms" (always ours btw, and never theirs). Why of course they are for stronger gun control laws ... "they" have body guards. Of course they are for more restrictions on the use of so called fossil fuels and other energy sources (other then ecco-friendly ones) because the "rules" and or guidelines for these don't or will not apply to them..

    We will soon be little more then a "two class society" ... princes and peons. This will be relatively short lived, perhaps a generation or so. Then we will be a new "two class society" consisting of the weak and the strong. Welcome to the return of the feudal state, or chaos/anarchy, depending on where you happen to live. I give it no more then 25-50 years for this to come to pass, unless one of two existing authoritarian states absorbs us. IChina or Russia). I don't count the Islamists over here, simply because they will not survive for long if they try. This in turn will bring us back to the choices given above.

    No I haven't been drinking, and yes I have very little faith in our current elected officials (of any stripe) to be up to the task of getting this nations *stuff*together. And the people, do nothing but watch Dancing With The Stars, or Oprah, or Days of Our Lives, buy the pabulum spoon fed by the media, and leap off the edge of the cliff with mad abandon.

  2. Your first paragraph: the Politburo reborn.

    Their history is bloody. You surely recall my "pilot program" analogy. Life will be reduced.

    There are loads of people who've given up or can't wait for the shooting to start. I would never fail to tell those who are seeking this either at the top or at the bottom: God will not be mocked.

    Personally, I cannot imagine a bigger threat. Are all these people are too smart to consider this counsel, and then reconsider? People I know and care about think offering such counsel is a waste of time. I fear they've written off their souls. So much more the pity.

    Fish or cut bait has a new meaning to me Guy. Don't give up; I'm not.

  3. “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”
    - Roger Baldwin, founder of the ACLU.

  4. Thanks Bob. It was what I was looking for to back my statement "The ACLU is thoroughly Marxist in its origins."


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