Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Managers HATE Leaders, Pétains HATE Pattons

I don't even know many of the names involved in the story: Navy fires Capt. Owen Honors over raunchy videos Yeah, Obama is the Prez, but this could have happened under Bush too.

I only know that the safety of the sailors on the USS Enterprise are the last thing the navy brass and the Joint Chiefs care about. The removal of Captain Honors, on the eve of ship deployment, for a morale boosting video "described as lewd and disturbing" -- disclosure of which had been public for months while the ship was being prepared -- smells like orders originating from SKUNCs. Undermining the morale of our country and our fighting men seems to be all that Washington DC is capable of in this generation of brass. They even had to have a spokesmouth deliver the bad news in the press. 

"He who is without sin" -- was it he who cast the first stone?  Not likely from what I've heard; but I did not check it out because it is believable as it matches the over-the-top holier-than-thou type.  The organization that allegedly was most "alarmed" by the video was an interest group that was in the forefront in having DADT ended. 

So, fresh from that victory, and full of themselves, they went after a bawdy video? What do you wanna bet that the leadership of that organization has appeared in the most in-your-face parades in public in NYC or San Franfreako? And even if he didn't, it is virtually unprecedented that he ever uttered a harsh word about his side's deliberately and fully public bawdy displays.

But then, I'd expect such hypocrisy from a Leftist organ like that. But not from the brass of our armed forces. From them I expect leadership that isn't cavalier about its enlisted men. America does not deserve rank managers seeking their next star. Whatever good they may have done in service for this county is now dead and of no consequence to,  lessen the evil of  the damage they're doing today. For these former heroes I am saddened; for the current wankers I have this wish: 
Your hypocrisy should turn rancid, turn inward, and choke you into a drool. Then you can drop dead in front of the whole world as a lesson, Those who follow, at least for a generation, would then know to avoid your slimy path.

Absent such divine intervention, should anything bad happen to the crew of the Enterprise in its new deployment, you and the Commander in Chief deserve a firing squad.

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