Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remember Patton's Dictum...

and then post this warning:

Question: What's Patton's Dictum?
Answer: For those who insist on further explanation, assume they are the other poor dumb bastards.


  1. What was "Make the other poor bastard die for his country", for $400, Alex.

  2. Throw in a little phrase from Hamlet, mix in this blog's number one issue, and which country is theirs will not remain undiscovered for long.

  3. Sadly in this day and age, Patton's singular drive to take the high ground, and proceed toward the next objective with maximum speed, the devil take the hindmost, has been all but lost to our current military ... obsessed with minimal casualty counts (we must have a clean and sterile war, uncluttered with the very thing which should make waging war our most serious of undertakings. But once engaged, gone at whole hog, or not at all. But what do I know, being just an old retired Sailor and all.

  4. Guy, we have born witness to "The Long March" through all our institutions. There are still millions of us who hold sacred the old notions of honor. That's even when we fail, from time to time, to fully live up to it. We have seen the difference between imperfect salutes and no salutes at all, and understand how a vengeful God can also be forgiving.

    You know enough to pass along, to all that may listen, what best of human strivings needs to be elevated and honored once again. Keep going my friend.


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