Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ameristocracy Targeting TJICs

In comments to my post inspired by the "I am TJIC" campaign, I was driven to think about stunning new challenges that the American citizen is facing. We are living witness to the buildup of unprecedented top-down edicts and concomitant restriction on individual rights. The destruction of our culture and its nurturing of good leaders is the cause, but it's not yet fully destroyed in those who remember our ethical legacy.

What prompted this were comments by an anonymous troll, who fashions himself as speaking for "your betters."

The interchange which followed led me to the following observation:
I'm not the type who'd file a complaint about the threat [to me by the troll], but someone must have in Travis' case. [Is there any doubt that the Feds prodded locals to act on their behalf?]

In 1993, Clinton signed the Omnibus Crime Bill which, IIRC, made a capital crime out of killing a number of (~100 different) Fed elected officials and bureaucrats. That made them a protected class under Fed law -- as if local laws were insufficient. I do not recall if "threats" real or imagined was included in that law.

So, maybe this is what Cowardly Threatener meant by our "betters." They're protected better. So the Left, which favors large govt, gets to threaten us explicitly without being hassled, but the Right is threatened by the govt who lodges complaints over imaginary threats.

Og, doesn't there seem to be a post developing here about the unequal treatment under the law lending itself to effectively SUSTAINING an American aristocracy? Look -- anyone not anointed by the political system to be allowed to run for office, or be in their
recognized media, CANNOT speak a harsh word against anyone in government lest it be construed as threatening.

Sounds like a Catch 22 doesn't it? That's some catch, yes-sirree. 

Og, the Neanderpundit, God bless him, DID write  "its good to be king" in a justly inspired post today. Pray that others take up this theme. Here's why.

Our "public servants" -- formerly our equals -- have written laws to make a protected class of themselves. They have special standing before the law* and are seeking more of it. They have, in their own minds, risen above their station of, posh, "public servant," to rule over their former masters (the citizen).

Watch for them to write new laws and seek special treatments for themselves that would sustain their new elevation. Making of themselves an American aristocracy, or Ameristocracy. It a concept that even sounds criminal.

TJIC is ANYONE who dares speak against their seizing of power beyond the limits written in our constitution.And there are a lot of us. They are fearful of losing all that they've schemed to achieve by any and all means available. It's like the Godfather ethic. To them "It's only business." Maybe this is why Eric Holder rounded up all old Italian mob bosses.)

Hence, they are targeting all TJICs.

"Thank you very much for identifying yourselves" is the next campaign of intimidation to expect from their lapdog media Administry of Lies. Thus, as Og wisely sees, this nascent Ameristocracy is  behooving us to speak out loudly.

Let's kill the notion of Ameristocracy in its incubator before they arrange our demise.

* A protected class with special standing are the people whom my mentor, Blaise Pascal, helped bring low. He used sarcasm to embarrass the "betters" of his time into backing off. His efforts succeeded decades after his death. The Age of Reason ensued.

Our "betters" are shameless, so Pascal's methods no longer work. The type of people Pascal helped bring down are about to reclaim their crown. If you don't like that, recognize what has happened and keep this history lesson in mind. Sarcasm is dead. Use real emotive words, even new ones that convey the sudden and varying threats clearly, and not doublethink words, while you still may.

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