Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children

A couple days ago I posted a link to Kevin Baker's Smallest Minority Posting that featured the Blip.TV version of the documentary film, The Soviet Story. Since then, the video has been pulled (probably due to its large size and demand on their servers. There have been other versions posted on YouTube that were broken up into 14 and 15 segments and thus not so demanding, but YouTube pulled them due to copyright issues. 

Here is a Link to a clip containing 5 minutes of segments that I hope will provoke my readers to seek out the whole thing -- with English subtitles.
(This may be the 6th time I've come back to update this link. Youtube keeps shutting down even short clips. The Leftists simply can't stand it. Should you believe that Youtube only has copyright infringements in mind, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell  you for a song. -- 10/30/11)

The following is another link I found 10/30/11 that is about 14 minutes long.
[There is a video below that may not appear in some feeds. Please click through to view it.]

This is an important film. It's terribly revealing of more than just the atrocities on display and anti-human policies affirmed. Also exposed is that those polices are not only not repented in Russia today, but we discover them echoed in the rhetoric issued by today's hard Left. (10/30/11: Pay close attention to the clip beginning at 9:40 to hear an old darling of the Left. Note how closely his words match today's radical Greens.)

What remains horrifying to your humble author is the unforgivable blinders worn by, and silence from, just about all American institutions, notably the Fourth Estate. It took this film to detail the story of the atrocities of the Soviet Union and show us the honoring of the perpetrators by Russia today. Bad enough. Then go on to contemplate how much this story has gone under-reported in the West. It is scandalous to say the least.

As you might guess by reading the subheading of this blog up above, none of this is very surprising to me. But I know from experience a large majority of my friends and family do not want to hear it. "You're just over reacting."  Damn the silence by our ostensible leaders. Their decades long silence reveals too well why I say, based upon the hard Left's now brazenly open attitude, that the United States has fostered the growth of dangerous monsters inside its softhearted liberal, "tolerant" society.

Please God prevent Stalin's Children from coming to full power.
With Thanks to KG at Crusader Rabbit

The complete video, but without English subtitles (where they were useful in the original that I'd posted), can still be found here: Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children, Updated

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