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Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage

My title refers to the deliberate polarization of discourse, so that reasonable discussion becomes all but impossible. To me it is clearly straight out of the "divide and conquer" playbook, a climate where demagogues may too easily destabilize our society.  

Mike D'Virgilio, writing at The American Culture, believes that Elton John has revealed the True “Gay” Agenda. After providing us the raw evidence, Mr. D'Virgilio summarizes the message being sent:
In order to not be held in contempt by Elton John and his ilk (how very tolerant of them), I have to “respect” his lifestyle. I am forced to believe that the anal cavity is a sexual, um, receptacle, when it is obvious from nature that it exists to deposit bodily waste, or I am worthy of publically being the object of a vicious vulgarity. And not only that, but the one who hurls such an insult can be “cheered wildly”.

Those who happen to believe that homosexuality is not only unnatural, but immoral, whether that is on religious grounds or not, are accused here of saying that homosexuals are not human. I am a Christian, and I don’t believe such a thing and I don’t know of any Christian who believes such a thing. But such sentiments stated have one purpose, and that is to demonize; ironically it is to itself dehumanize.

You can see very clearly here the real agenda of homosexuals and their supporters. Either we accept their moral standards, or we will be considered societal and social pariahs.

At the end, Mr. D'Virgilio gets very close to voicing the point I'm making -- that this is another Statist tool -- but doesn't quite state it that way. He concludes:
If the very nature of marriage is redefined in [law by elitists on high], the liberty of a huge segment of the American people will be effectively nullified, which is exactly what they want.

I was going to suggest to Mr. D'Virgilio that what he saw revealed was much more than the the true gay agenda, but the ever more rapid unfolding of the Statist agenda. Indeed, his antecedent for "they" in that last paragraph were "the progressives and the left and the elitists."  But the casual reader could too easily believe "they" are the gays rather than the bigger fish. And that would miss the larger message revealed by his efforts.

I wanted to say "Mr. D'Virgilio, why not go on to the next step and see how this reveals the misanthropic agenda that so few in power dare admit?"  The number of onslaughts on America are now coming in quick successions. Those exploiting the homosexual community, by staging such  vulgar and over-the-top self parody, are quite literally what they are meant to be: shock troops. Stunning. If they have the desired effect on our larger society -- to paralyze us by its audacity -- then we are more readily overwhelmed by the other onslaughts on our liberty.

That last emphasized statement I held off for this blog. It was too off topic and potentially controversial to introduce in a comment at another man's blog.

Instead, I wrote out the following that I hoped exposed the same thoughts so that he might arrive at the same conclusion. My humility inclines me to believe I have little chance at success, and will almost certainly expose myself to angry rebuttals (at best), but I pray I helped him what I see.

This is why sarcasm is dead. It is virtually impossible to parody what is itself a parody of life.

Homosexual love, with or without any explicit act, produces no new life. Mr. John wants to share in the respect society has reserved for those who endure the whole task -- the joy, pain, cost and effort -- to look to build the next generation by their love without making that commitment himself.

It's even worse because Mr. John demands respect from those to whom he grants none. What do I mean by that? Note that Mr. John has no harsh words for those on his side who regularly hurl the bigoted slur "breeder." It appears in signs and in comments at gay events, yet one never hears a word of reproach of such bigotry except in mock reproach.

The one way street demands of extremists once were easy to parody. When counter-cultural warriors regularly make a parody of the lifestyles they claim to champion, what avenue is left to cultural defenders?

The technique that Blaise Pascal pioneered, that led to the freeing of the human mind, has been neutralized. The parody of his lifestyle that Mr. John and company exploits is a broad copy of celebrity roasts wherein targets learn to develop both callouses to incoming criticism and a callousness in being critical. The old court jester's purpose employed in postmodern times. Thus, they have developed immunity to parody by going beyond the parody and embracing it. And then they are free to go on the attack themselves against their critics, real and imagined.

I surmise that what we are witnessing here is just another effort to put out of bounds certain thoughts. One thought attacked after the other. It is the deliberate attempt to close down freedom of thought. Such repression is regressive on its face, the trademark tactic some call PC -- that I've relabeled as Political Cowering -- that is the "Progressive" way.

The respect Mr. John demands is but one step removed from the respect demanded by a misanthrope. "I hate people, and you display your bigotry by not showing any respect for my anti-human agenda." *

(*That's a topic too long to explore in a comment that is already too long, but it is the next step the Incrementalists have moved on to. That aggression is frequently exposed to criticism at my blog.)


  1. Great thoughts, Pascal. You are absolutely right, homosexuals have become the tool of statists, but if militant homosexuals are being "exploited" are they not doing so willingly? Do they not find a home in the Democrat Party because it is the home of illiberal nanny state statists? They have embraced political cowering as you call it, because they find thoughts such as mine repugnant and they will not stop until we are placed firmly in the closet behind locked doors. Irony anyone?

  2. MDV: "but if militant homosexuals are being "exploited" are they not doing so willingly?"

    PF: Militancy implies willingness I think. It's not like they've been conscripted into service. Militants exploit the rest of the class just as militants do any protected class.*

    MDV: "Do they not find a home in the Democrat Party because it is the home of illiberal nanny state statists?"

    PF: Certainly a key factor. Divide and conquer is the oldest game of tyrants. I presume militants of all protected classes are vassals of the Statists whether or not they know it. Statists bestow celebrity on those who effectively do the "job" to make, widen and keep the populace divided. For each recognized class, co-opted media will place a mic in front of avante garde elements and cut to the ones who best advance, in the producer's opinion, the desired narrative. The ones most effective at demanding more rights, and thus more power for the Statists, will be recognized by the "news" producers. The media turns to them time and again. Several infamous ones surely will come to mind.

    MDV: "They have embraced political cowering as you call it, because they find thoughts such as mine repugnant and they will not stop until we are placed firmly in the closet behind locked doors."

    PF: Yes. You are dead on here. Political Cowering is but another means to censor, and will be the subject of an upcoming blog-post.

    MDV:"Irony anyone?"

    PF:Them turning the tables on all of Western Civ is their greatest achievement. It is through our decency that they found a way to undo us; Alinksy rule 4: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." That's not irony, that the Left having it both ways!

    Sad isn't it? Just as sarcasm is dead except for providing bitter chuckles for our choir, so too irony.

    *Do you remember the public murders of openly moderate Muslims of the past. I certainly do. That's the akin to the militancy of the sort you're witnessing here.

  3. Footnote on "protected class" continued

    Palestinians endured The Terror long before terrorism became our watchword after 9/11. King Hussein was allowed to end the actions, but the Israelis found themselves more constrained. And then came al Qaeda to widen the terror pattern.

    Well, the fate of the earliest moderate Palestinians is a lesson about militants at their height of intimidation. You would be hard-pressed to find a non-militant of any "protected class" who isn't somewhat intimidated by the militants of that class.

    Nonmilitant homosexuals, when not made fearful or hate-filled by demagoguery, easily become nothing more than live and let live libertarians.

    We see where many have been forced "out the closet" by the militants and were mortified when not pissed. They were -- or are if they didn't join the militants -- as much at the mercy of the militants as any class whom the Statists have decided are "owed" protection from the rest of society.

    Quick review of other "classes":
    Non-militant blacks are called Uncle Toms and Statist media gives them no fair opportunity to rail against their aggressors.
    Non-militant woman are called female impersonators and likewise given no fair and equal access to respond.
    Other people of color are called coconuts and not given the microphone as their detractors.

    On the other hand, Greens who were really communists in disguise, we have labeled as watermelons for years. But did we EVER hear that label used by MSM in reference to radical environmentalists? No. And how about the word "radical?" The last time I heard it used in reference to the Left was in the 1960s. Today, a reader of the NY Times would think there are no radicals on the Left. Scarily reminiscent, is it not, of the Leninist slogan "No enemies on the Left."

    Left-wing dominant media that regularly torments members of the protected classes who want no part of "their" militants. It became "their" militants by the propaganda of the predominant media.
    Just as sarcasm is dead, so too irony except amongst ourselves. The broader public simply will not see it.

    No, no. Such exploitations could never have taken place without the full backing of every facet of establishment media. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how we, the new Fourth Estate, should discard the Newspeak/doublethink label "Minitrue" and simply call the MSM the Agency of Lies. Again: that's because sarcasm is dead.

    The rotten Statist game can and must be exposed. More than a handful may listen, but I've no illusions.

    What you're experiencing with the homosexual avante garde is a pattern that has been repeated over decades. Homosexuals are merely the most wealthy and well educated of the protected classes if not the newest (that's Muslims). Or should I have written "educated." Being a wise-guy has become wisdom in postmodernity.

  4. I've expanded on my two comments above in part 2 "Victim-hood, Demagoguery, and the Creation of Protected Classes,"


    part 3 "Protected Classes, Political Cowering, and Censorship."

    Thank you Mike for commenting in the manner you did! The third essay is a plea for all of us on the Right to push back against the disguised Statist censorship with our as many voices as we can muster while we still may.


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