Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rebrand the RINOs Contest Ends 31 Jan 2011

As you know, I've been pretty happy with what I consider the lead entry, SKUNCs, in my Fun Contest for Conservatives -- $100 Top Prize.
  • S:     Statist, Subversive, Socialist
  • K:    Knowingly, Kleptocrat
  • U:    Undermining, usurping 
  • NC:  Nation & Constitution, National Constitution, National Charters
The variety of underlying words that come to mind reveals the versatility of this acronym. After all, the most common concern amongst conservatives is that our theme of smaller government living within constitutional limits are constantly being betrayed by "RINOs." About the only drawback for me with SKUNC is that it fits sold-out villains in every sovereign Western style nation (pace Mark Steyn: English speaking in particular), not just those who are members of the Republican Party.

It would simply be sad should American conservatives fail to compose a new and more accurate, vitriolic and imagery-filled acronym for the craven, disloyal, self-serving, anti-American global elitists who were formerly and mistakenly called RINOs. Because of American predominance in attaining a world freer than at any time in Earth's history, this group contains an important subset of these globalist subversives. Should  the globalists prevail, this group's treachery to their fellow homosapiens is far greater than that of other men, and so they have earned something more rotten than has yet been submitted.

The SKUNC entry was provided by GuyS of Snugg Harbor. He has requested that the contest be kept open until the end January.
"Perhaps with the passage of time, a few more folks will be inclined to submit something, especially once the new congress goes into session prompting folks to find new creative names for their congress critters."
It's hard to disagree with Guy that the prospects are (sadly) too great that new labels for the suspect miscreants may occur to you.

So, if one of you should provide an entry that surpasses Guy's, you can thank him for advancing the finish line so that you might finish first.

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