Tuesday, February 01, 2011

SKUNCs, DAMNED SKUNCs, and Statist Icks

First, let's salute cynical humorist Mark Twain, who made most famous the line bowdlerized by the title of this post.  However, the treachery I'm addressing is no laughing matter. Statist icks is really quite an understatement. If anyone can suggest a more disgustingly apt term, be my guest.

For those who may be new here, yesterday we concluded a 35 day long search for a more accurate acronym than RINO. A Republican who, due to declines in the electoral institution, finds he no longer is held accountable to voters he allegedly represents, remains a republican still until the republic dies completely. The acronym I liked best was SKUNC -- Statist Knowingly Undermining National Charters. However, it's an acronym which is a suitable label for all those seeking to subvert the fundamental charters of their nations for the benefit of a few.

So I've kluged together an additional acronym to tack on before SKUNC:

Deceitful American, Morally Noxious, Elitist Defenders of Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters

DAMNED SKUNCs refers to members of the Republican Party who view conservatives with contempt, and will sell out American sovereignty to the detriment of the whole world. They are worse than the radical-Left dominated Democratic Party. At least the Dems have made little secret for their contempt of America and her middle class. They've been actively subverting the US for at least 50 years, and makes no show of loyalty to founding American principles. But the GOP is the ostensible opposition to that -- and our SKUNCs are the lowest form of human life known: false patriots; moles; fifth columnists; Quislings who lack the former heroics and stature of a Benedict Arnold.

It's not perfect, but I personally like the sentiment.

That they are willing to sell out the US of A makes it clear to every other nation in the world that the United States government at every high level is now totally unreliable in a pinch. House Speaker John Boehner on Egypt sounded like Jimmy Carter! No effing wonder that Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah are looking for the exits.

I say that if the prayers of men who have yearned to be free are heard, that once the United States is subverted to the UN or some other globalist entity, the US SKUNCs would most certainly be the most damned among a whole host already damned.

Ask for forgiveness and turn on the other DAMNED SKUNCs while you still have a chance, you dumb bastards.


  1. Deb has been saying for quite some time now, the current membership of our "two party" system is for all intent and purposes, one and the same. That one side will get you where you don't want to go, faster than the other side, does not make either better than the other.

    Two wrongs still do not make a right. I always wondered if I would live to be as old as my grandparents and great grandparents (into the mid nineties), now I am beginning to wonder if I will make it to 60.

    Yes there are a select few who attempt to at least go through the motions of adhering to the Constitution, honoring our allies, and honestly want to reign in the federal government, the budget, and the national debit. But they are far, far, too few in number. And we are that much poorer for it.

  2. I guess that a cue from Deb through you that I should have included a link to my cartoon about the single party named RepublicRats™? LOL

    Thank you both.

  3. Thanks for sharing a link to this post at my blog Pascal. What an accurate and humorous acronym for the traitors of the Republican party!

    The turning of Darrell Issa was one of the most disappointing results of the 2010 mid-term election. I would imagine that he and his family must have been extremely threatened - e.g. with death. I wouldn't doubt that the Obama thugs would carry it out.

    However, Issa has the money to protect himself and his family. For someone like him to go belly-up while our country is in serious peril is unconcionable.

    Not sure if I posted my update after you posted your comment yesterday, but here is a portion of it:

    "Evil is real, biblical, and prevalent," he said in one sermon. "Some ignore it, some say it doesn't exist. But evil must not be ignored, it must be restrained." He quoted Sir Edmund Burke, the eighteenth-century British leader: "The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    Stan believed that the answer to evil was freedom. He also knew that there would be a cost. "There has never been a noble cause devoid of sacrifice," he said in one sermon. "If freedom is worthy of defense only to the point it costs us nothing then we are in desperate need as a nation."

    That quote was in reference to the Iraq war, but it certainly can be used in describing what we are up against from these enemies within the borders and government of the U.S.A.


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