Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Left Thinks Killing Children Is Funny -- Again!

Parent: .."there will be 'huge shortages' of classroom space in lower Manhattan in coming years."

School Chancellor: .."Dropped jaws at the meeting by likening her task of satisfying space-crunch concerns in every neighborhood to making 'many Sophie's Choices.' "
IOW, if there's not enough room, she may to choose to send to the gas chambers one out of every two students.

The above interchange is extracted from the NY Post.

For a reminder as to how the hard-Left thinks killing children is funny, let's review that 10-10 No Pressure "gem" again.
Content Warning!
You may not wish to click this link for a number of reasons. Please read the following before you do.

The video in question links to an extremely graphic advertisement that the radical Greens made for BBC TV with tax dollars and support from a whole gamut of international corporations including Sony.
The video was so bad it never aired on the BBC. It was that off-the-charts indecent. You may not even want to read the following description.
The opening scene features a sparkling, lovable school mistress.
She is encouraging her class to participate in the 10-10 campaign to reduce greenhouse gas production.
She surveys her class as to who will participate.
To those who demure, she shrugs "No Pressure; your choice."
Then unexpectedly, she presses a magic button that blows up 2 students, shocking everyone in the room except the teacher. School mistress remains as cheerful as ever.
This scene is followed by 3 more scenes in which about 1 in 5 are similarly blown to bits, showering the remains on all in the room.
In no uncertain terms the 10-10 Campaign Ad intimated murderous intolerance was coming to those who refuse to be convinced by the CAGW propaganda. Or rather not merely propaganda in this instance, but outright intimidation -- a warning of violently bloody and sudden murder.
Maybe the Left really thinks this is funny because they've become inured to such atrocity but will not admit it openly. They flatly deny it even as their think tanks promote negative populations. And the subjugated "Fourth Estate" will never challenge them for their denial not matching their policy goals.

And maybe the Left thinks this is funny, because as members of the Right see this ad -- even as they are disgusted by it, the Right too will become inured to such mayhem.

It is even very possible the Left wants the Right to forget its decency and become as bad as they are. Were they to succeed in that, that might be the biggest tragedy of all.

Ok, now that you've been warned as to the downside of viewing this assault on decency, and you think you can withstand the assault on your own decency, go ahead and click on the above link.

Meanwhile, the hard-left (and even the dumbest of liberals) are still trying to project onto the Right the Left's own blame for provoking Jared Loughner.
Loughner's target was a Blue Dog Democrat who wasn't hard enough Left for the radicals.
The Daily Kos blog had Congress member's district under a gun-sight.
Unlike Sarah Palin's use of targets, the Kos screed went a major step further by proclaiming that Giffords "was dead to me."
That had been preceded by Chris Matthews broadcasting that Obama needs an OKC incident.
Loughner bought his gun shortly after that.

Hey liberals wake up!
Look who it is who keeps invoking images of violence from positions of power (and then backpeddling by claiming they're joking time after time like "you're stupid or something?"). It is your "friends" hard to your left who hide behind your good intentions. 



  1. Aren't you engaging in irresponsible rhetoric in condemning Ms Black? I don't see any difference in what you wrote from what the left did when charging Palin with inciting the Tucson shooting.


  2. It would be nice were you able to demonstrate how I did that. But you can't.

    It makes you uncomfortable to charge the Left with the treason they are engaging. I once thought of Senator Coburn as one of the good guys. I'm not so sure any more. In the clip on meet the press this last Sunday he actually dicated "What we can't question is our president's love for our country, Chuck Schumer's love for our country."

    You old line Republicans are every bit as bad a Cameron is for the UK. You have sold us out. Your child will be enslaved. Paul, I'm sure that will make you proud.

  3. There is in fact a huge difference between pointing out that someone with obvious pro-eugenics views has been placed in charge of making decisions that will affect a number of children, and attempting to draw a connection between a person and an event which simply does not exist. It's quite unfortunate that there exist people whose minds are so dull they cannot be bothered with reality.

  4. Oh, get off your high horses. The Post headlined "Parents fume over Black's 'birth control' quip about overcrowding" was entirely an overstatement to what she said "Could we just have some birth control for a while?" Black cracked. "It could really help us all out a lot." See how the Post was spinning? They deliberately added the editorial opinion "Black cracked" to their report.

    Since when is birth control the equivalent of killing children?

    -- Paul

  5. She likened the task before her to making many "Sophie's Choices". Do you not see the implications of her choice of words? Honestly?

  6. Not to hash your mellow Paul, but by it's very definition, "Birth control, is the act of "killing children" (admittedly, for the most part, in their earliest stages). If we are talking exclusively about agents which prevent conception from taking place, than one may argue that point. Unfortunately, the public at large and the media (at small) include "morning after pills" (and their ilk) along with abortion, as viable forms of "birth control. This being the reality, then yes birth control is more then just "the equivalent" of killing children, it is one and the same.


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