Saturday, February 26, 2011

KOC: Moral Relativism Explained

Andrew Klavan posted the following video under the title Multiculturalism Explained.

From an artistic standpoint this is a clever video, as is Mr. Klavan's chosen title.

But because I was more impressed with his post-script, I chose "Moral Relativism Explained." Here are Mr Klavan's words.

"Multiculturalism is based on the "equally sound" [sarcasm] philosophy of moral relativism which holds that nothing is absolutely right or wrong. Except that nothing is absolutely right or wrong.

As Shakespeare put it "there is nothing absolutely good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Actually, Shakespeare gave those words to Hamlet, who was pretending to be insane when he said them. Which is to imply that moral relativism isn't just crazy, it's fake crazy -- because nobody is really crazy enough to believe it.

So perhaps now we have begun to understand."
Yes. Thinking of what is right or wrong is the process that separates man from beast. And they who would rule over us are controlling the Agency of Lies (MSM) and the indoctrination centers (skools) and even religious institutions (tax codes and cultural Marxist moles), have been inculcating us not to think of good and evil at all.

Youth of the world: murdering your fellow man is wrong. Arranging his starvation is akin to murder. If you value your own life, or think you will some time in the future, then follow this simplest form of the golden rule: "Do nothing that is hateful." And I am not talking about hurting their feelings, because sometimes that can save their lives, but about not being hateful towards their very existence.

Here's a simple rule to know what is hateful. Ask yourself:

"Would  my being murdered be hateful to me?" 
In most instances -- and that is good enough for me -- your answer will be "Hell yes!" 

That's a very good way of putting what is right and what is wrong in perspective.

Tell the next moral relativist to pound sand. Don't let his pretending to be crazy drive you there.

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