Friday, February 25, 2011

Violent Leftist Reactionaries

With educrats being challenged by real progress like this
[The video below may not appear in some feeds, so you may need to go to the link. Also, if the video is not "TED", please let me know.]

who can not understand why "educator" unions have joined with the progressives regressive, despotic, anti-American movement such as we are witnessing in Wisconsin?

Then you may also understand why union leadership and the Chief community organizer are beating the drums and hoping these staged confrontations will turn some participants into full-blown violent reactionaries.

This video demonstrates that bloggers filled with common sense on a vast array of subjects can and do reach youths all over the world. Youth are yearning to get information into their heads -- and we can use the world wide web to get it to them, past the demoralizing indoctrinators of the subjugating skools. 

This is why I say to make our headlines EXPLICIT. Use real, not sarcastic, not Newspeak/doublething key words. Web crawlers around the globe will find your legitimate headline and aid in passing along your common sense, and maybe more importantly to Christians -- your common decency.

In short:
I am suggesting that this presentation helps explain why the Statists have so rapidly unmasked in the last decade, and are now fostering violence. They are in a race against time and the truth emerging. When kids can learn this well this easily, it will be harder to convert them into Green Bombers and jihadis.

Hat tip to The Smallest Minority for cluing me to this video.


  1. I get an Indian gentlemen speaking about computers in rural India, is that what you expect? it's very good, regardless.

  2. Yes, SUGATAMITRA should appear in the still window.

    Thanks Og. It's tomorrow or the next day when Blogger screws around with the video placements.

    And yes, it is very good. And like I say, it surely scares the Marxist/Statists who are now rushing us with Cloward-Piven.

    They have relied upon propagandized youth to kill off the oldsters in countries like Cambodia and Zimbabwe, (and prolly the rest of Africa given all the noos not covered). With the advance of the Internet, and blogs like yours, you surely could be reaching the minds of youth worldwide. -EEK-

  3. Just watched the whole thing through. Thanks.


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