Thursday, February 03, 2011

Our Fight Against Lies

Exactly how skilled have those with evil intentions been able to disguise their machinations?

Wabbit in These really are shameful times' exposed how idiotic was a lie about global warming. But the fact that the lie could be refuted did not
  1. keep the liar from uttering it
  2. keep the MSM Agency of Lies from repeating the lie.
  3. reach all those without access to the Internet.
  4. faze true believers, incubated to fear truth as a vampire does sunlight.

As I did a bit of cheer-leading for Wabbit efforts, it occurred to me that this was a good time to review an old machination of the liars. It was one that served them in the past when they were still wearing the misunderstood, well-intentioned liberal disguise.

Keep on exposing all Lefty lies; it is a good thing. But it is important not to beat around the bush; call them lies when it’s clear. Be clear, and avoid sarcasm; because as a tool to reach out to the audience, sarcasm is almost totally dead to all but those already in our choir.

The Left and the Greens and the Agency of Lies, lie about everything. Especially their intentions — which allowed these malevolent  "Progressives" Incrementals to overwhelm those who tried to prevent them from gaining control of almost every institution. So now it’s left to us on the Right, itself riddled with moles like you see in your National Party, and I see in the GOP, to call it as they lie.

It’s a very difficult thing to fight when our side is afraid to speak up. To make the world safe for us who fight the lies, we have to beat the censorship that they disguise under the Newspeak and double-think label they invented and keep alive called political correctness (which is the topic of another of my posts).

For a good example of the problem, I’m going to use the Left’s own BS. Was Lefty film maker George Lucas laughing at us or inadvertently warning us at a climax in "Revenge of the Sith" exactly how skilled evil has been at disguising its intentions?

I am speaking of the scene where Senator Palpatine, his treachery revealed, whined successfully to Anakin so that he could kill Mace Windu. All the lies Palpatine had been telling Anakin earlier apparently paid off in that moment. It allowed the future emperor to turn the tables against the forces for good.

Is that our future too if we let down?

In order to defeat the lies, they must be exposed as often as possible. Eventually the foolish Anakin tools may catch on. But it also helps keep us from being divided by more lies. The money the Statists have to keep the Left in the business of lies is nearly endless.

Again, call out the lies wherever you can expose them. It's a trait of leadership. Do not be afraid.

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