Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting the Chains: Time for a “Voidance Movement”

As American voters come to their senses and realize how much they themselves are conservatives, politics for Leftists and Statists are not going so well. The Left is whining all the time now. For instance, as JWF reports: AP Laments: 'GOP governors undermine Obama's agenda in states'.

You know you are having an impact on Leftists when they scream. And in Wisconsin in particular, boy, are they screaming. Do you realize that all that noise and vilification is over Wisconsin Governor Walker's less than full reversal of State worker retirement plans?

In short, they're calling Gov. Walker every rotten name under the sun from Mubarek to Hitler, for doing what? For moving a bill that will bring State worker contracts only a fraction closer to that of the average Wisconsin tax payer employed in the private sector?

I think this serves to prove that Governor Walker did not go far enough! Had his baseline proposal STARTED at parity, what more nastiness could the government employee's unions and the Chief community activist have engaged in?

He should have simply said: "All prior contracts are null and void. The current government should not be held hostage by prior contracts given out to the earlier government's cronies."

Why hasn't the GOP taken that position sooner?

Why should the future be held hostage to the crooks of the past?

Speak to me people. What do you say to a National Voidance Moverment? (For my friends down-under, make that International). That is one where the next generation of candidates for office pledge to review, and void where necessary, all public employee contracts at the opening of the next legislative year.

The spoils systems was supposed to have been ended by the creation of the civil service. But now, with all these public employee unions, the purpose of the civil service has been defeated. What we need to do now is void all prior contracts cronyism instituted under what has become a Democratic Party-Govt Employee Unions spoils system.

Voidance. Voidance. Voidance.

Update: Author: Blast From the Past, in response to my comment at BelmontClub, has had trouble similar to what I have had getting published at PJM sites. For reasons known only to PJM, his comments wound up in my email but not at BC. Here is his comment:

Busy is good. Glad to hear it.

Good point in your article. Kicking a problem up to Central only infects Central with the problem. A similar thing happened with the XVIIth Amendment. Both the Civil Service and the XVIIth were designed to prevent petty local corruption that channeled money from appointments, especially at Customs posts or from infrastructure improvements, to urban political bosses. In effect both moved the problem into DC and eliminated the hope that competition between States or between a State and DC would provide checks and balances that cut down on graft.

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