Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Religious Institutional Debasement

Of all Western institutions to have suffered debasement, I'm inclined to see that the most damaging to our social fabric has come about due to the loss of standing of our religious institutions. What debased first, the congregants or the institutions of which they once were members?

I'm on record as an agnostic. But I've only explained what I mean by that to a few who saw good reason to question my declaration. Essentially, the problem with the worship of the God whose core message made Western culture dominant, were the chief transgressors of its ethics. Critics -- likely agents of the next transgressors  -- love pointing to the old transgressors as proof that the ethic was  imperfect and therefore not a sure moral guide. That has been the moral relativists' plaything for a very long time. The schemers, knowing the dilemma is real, mock the faithful with  "Isn't your God perfect?" Who has effectively answered that recently?

Hence the debasement.

I'd like to hear some speculations as to why this is so.

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