Sunday, February 06, 2011

Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage, pt2

Victim-hood, Demagoguery, and the Creation of Protected Classes

Part 1 of this essay had been inspired by the story Mike D'Virgilio posted at The American Culture last week. It was his response to me in part 1 which prompted me to expand a bit more on how the Statists benefit from victimoguery as exemplified in by those he reported on and also by those who attacked him.
 Divide and conquer is the oldest game of tyrants. I presume militants of all protected classes are vassals of the Statists whether or not they know it. 
  1. Statists bestow celebrity on those who effectively do the "job" to make, widen and keep the populace divided. 
  2. For each recognized class, co-opted media will place a mic in front of avante garde elements and cut to the ones who best advance, in the producer's opinion, the desired narrative. 
  3. The ones most effective at demanding more rights, and thus more power for the Statists, will be recognized by the "news" producers. 
  4. The media turns to them time and again. Several infamous ones surely will come to mind.
Turning the tables on all of Western Civ is Leftist activists' greatest achievement. It is through our decency (looking to aid those we believe are in need of our help) that they found ways to undo us; Alinksy rule 4: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." That's not irony -- that's the Left having it both ways!  

Statists who've gained sway over most of our institutions, nowhere more visibly than in mass media, foster and nurture divisions today worse now than ever before. And they do it all while flying under the false flag "tolerance."  

Because their propaganda machine runs 24/7, it behooves bloggers such as myself to expose, analyze and explain what we find as best we can and as often as we can. We have become the only alternative reaching out to the wider public.

After that, it falls to our readers to ask questions and even use the Internet to find out more; and then pass along what you find to be accurate. We can be a reasonably well informed army of individuals when each of us puts in some effort. If 1% of Americans do this -- and I think we are more than that -- we will make a difference. What more do I need to prove this than to point out how much the establishment is afraid of the TEA party?

And take this to the bank. There are those among us who are paid agents ("stimulus funds"), or have been convinced by paid agents who they think are their friends, who will yell that I'm crazy to try and get to the bottom of the lies and expose them. And to try to convince even liberals of how they've been used, "well that's the craziest of all." Do. Not, Fall. For. It. The Statists have not yet won. It's not just your liberty which is as stake -- it is your posterity's.

Any individual who WANTS to survive the collectivist thrust to limit his liberty needs to lean on the liberty he still has.

Bottom line is we can make outrage a two way street and thereby reclaim our right to speak and overcome the "frequency jamming" poured out by the Statists' Administry of Lies.

Part 3 will discuss how effective has been the creation and exploitation of "protected classes" because there had been for decades no fair public scorn of this game.

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