Thursday, February 24, 2011

Major Win for Cultural Marxists

Or, as Fox news is promoting it, "Major Win for Gay Rights," in referring to the Prez instructing AG Holder not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

In other news, Sean Hannity said on his show today "I don't believe any other president in history ever said he would not defend a law on the books."
  • If I recall correctly, in 1973 or 74, President Nixon said he was "confiscating the funds" for several federal programs that had just become law.
  • He said he felt the Congress had gone too far in getting the Fed government involved in American lives. 
  • That was despite his having signed the laws in question. 
  • He could have executed his veto, but did not. IOW, Congress did not need to override a veto he never made. 

I do not recall enough of the incident because Watergate became news again very soon thereafter. Perhaps someone else will remind us more of the details.

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