Friday, February 25, 2011

Youth of The World: Learn the Truth

We in America have lost control of our government. Our government is supposed to be our servants, not the other way round. We will struggle in the coming conflict to reverse what has happened. Some who claim to be on our side are really working for the authoritarians, the globalists who have and are bringing famine to your countries. They have done this in the name of fighting Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming, or human-caused climate change. Of all the lies being fed to you, that perhaps is the worst. They want you to die, and without children of your own. In some cases it's simply because they dislike other humans; but they have promoted into power those who really do  fear you. Those fools fear you in large numbers. They view you as a parasite who'll simply deplete the planet of all it's resources and pollute her as well. The tyrants who seek to rule this globe need to remove your parents, and then you. They would treat you like herd animals, to be exploited, and then eliminated when no longer of use. Look around you. As the radical Greens would have it, approximately 12 out of 13 are targeted for elimination. This author would end such scheming tomorrow, but it often seems few stand with me. The poisonous thought and the consequences that derive from it are currently in full swing. There are better men with more decent thoughts still around, but you must plead your case so as to awaken them. If you do, you will increase your chances to live.

Most of us Americans are not descended from the original settlers under European and mostly British colonial rule. Our predecessors were people like yourselves, lured here mostly for the promise of getting out from under the thumb of tyrants such as have, now are, and will again rule your countries.

We Americans who still honor the principles under which our nation was founded hope to resurrect some of our mostly non-authoritarian form of government. Only God knows how it will turn out.

Watch this space in coming days. I hope others -- much better writers than I -- will follow my lead. But if nothing else, I hope I can direct you to interesting sites that will reveal to you truths you are not allowed to see where you are. Even truths that Americans rarely see because our popular media like TV and radio do not reveal the truth, and those who try are restricted at the risk of losing their licenses to broadcast. So far I am still free.

I pray I can be of service.

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