Friday, February 11, 2011

Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself

Do not be too hard on yourself or on the rest of us. God knows there's some really rotten scoundrels who are willing to do that for you and us, and have arranged our education so that we have been inculcated — conditioned — to be accepting of their injustices to us.

This eerie warning came to my mind when gallant KG introduced Queensland floods…the OTHER story
one man's recounting of flood ravaged Queensland, Australia. In it, Gary Briggs of Dalby writes of the numerous [malicious?] institutional hardships piled onto the natural hardships visited upon both those needing help and all good Samaritans seeking to help them. KG, having read of the inanities suffered rather than revolting or even just risking a fine by telling the officious retards to stuff it, arrived at a sad conclusion that I could agree with in part. If I am a bit more optimistic, I pray you'll allow me that failing.

KG: “Below the fold is an email I was given. Read it and weep for what was once a tough, resilient people. Until we got off our apathetic, cowardly, lazy arses and begin confronting these bastards the madness will continue. And get steadily worse. Egyptians can brave bullets, water cannon and torture, and we can’t even risk a day in court and a fine? In that case, we deserve all we get.”
Well, here's where Pascal reveals weaknesses and regrets that, I pray, might help readers find solutions he failed to achieve.

Hold on KG. I understand your frustration KG, believe me. I bet you and I could match stories.
The lowlifes are given PULL by those who are gaming the system at the top. We have been left PUSHING. Guess what works best?

The 60s radicals used to speak about “getting it over the Man.” Who of our teachers ever explained that Marxism/Leninism was always targeting “the bourgeoisie,” and that means “the middle class?” We’ve been conditioned to not know we were targets, and at the same time “to suck it up like a man.”

If you have ever read the accounts by former Left brigader, David Horowitz, you know that in the 50s the Left had summer camps where they trained their “red diaper babies” how to assault Western institutions. Who on the Right offered classes in countermeasures? Nobody. We were subjected to the Left indoctrination centers even if a few of us resisted it. So now we are woefully two or three generations behind and far removed from generations that were NOT so indoctrinated! I sometimes feel like an undereducated, definitely unprepared remnant.

Individuals do not stand a chance without building their own blocs. The Left is filled with cowards who hide behind laws the Right is inclined to respect from the start — except for the unequal treatment that the gamers have CONDITIONED us to accept.

Nemesis may have trained his own kids to think clearly, as I have my grown brood, but it is not enough. I learned the hard way what it means to have failed to build blocs and train them to withstand — for the sake of our posterity and not just for ourselves — the forces who hate liberty. Maybe it is because I did not want to believe that such forces still existed — I don’t remember now. I do remember that I simply thought that right thinking people would rally behind me. I failed to foresee that there were schemers in the neighborhoods and city, and that they had loads of ways to undermine weak blocs.

I know what you might be thinking, because I think it myself all the time. I vacillate between “It’s too late” and “is it really too late?” I will simply relate to you something a wise man once said “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

I wasn’t kidding when I suggested that men like Nemesis should be sought out to train the local kids how to put down the con-men. If they fail to seek out such teachers — and protect those teachers — THEN we will all deserve what we get.

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