Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Evil, Not Stupid

The lines at the end of this xtranormal creation are as clear as a bell to those of us who understand the dangers of large government. It naturally occurs in the arrogance and stupidity of those who think they can rule millions and billions of people. But it also lies in the evil of those schemers who have been telling the wannabe rulers that "you are the best and brightest," and so they must resist the temptation to listen to the common sense of the people.

[If the following video is NOT "Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional" please notify me. Blogger has put something else there once, and so could do so again.]

Lefty: What upsets me the most is that the judges are the ones stopping ObamaCare.

Freeman: What's the difference?

L: Judges are supposed to be on my side.

F: Always?

L: Yes. The court system is supposed to be filled with liberals like me and act as a fail-safe in case the voters disagree with us.

F: That doesn't sound like democracy.

L: Democracy is over-rated. People are dumb and need to be guided by the best and brightest.

F: So you think people are too stupid to make their own choices; unless they work for the government, in which case they are brilliant enough to make choices for everyone.

L: Yes.

F: I guess I'm still waiting for the best and brightest to show up.

L: Sorry. People like Obama and myself are as good as it gets.
These lines are meant to be funny. What's makes them laughable is the utterly unlearning from failure, knee-jerk doctrinal responses of Lefty.

But what if they're willing to look stupid just so long as they can implement the dangerous policies?  Then we are witnessing evil and not stupidity, and evil must be fought. Evil intentions are no laughing matter.

Left undeterred, the forces that are attempting to implement ObamaCare will pick off individuals one at a time.

Let me say that there was one interchange that did make me laugh though:
L: I can't understand how ObamaCare lost in court. Didn't Obama say he used to teach Constitutional Law?

F: Yes; but he never said he was good at it. 
Tip that may add to the humor here: see The Dilbert Principle President series.

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