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Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage, pt3

Protected Classes, Political Cowering, and Censorship

This is part 3 of an analysis of how selective outrage is used to cow the majority of a free people so that they lose their right to speak freely (of grievances at first, and then nothing at all).

Part 1: About the advance of the Statists revealed in their exploiting of homosexual pride.
Part 2: About the ploy of creating the "protected" classes.
Part 3: About the silencing all but those who have been recognized by major institutions as members of a protected class.

Do you remember the public murders of openly moderate Muslims of the past? I certainly do. There's nothing like the murder of those who disagree with you to silence all those who think of disagreeing. It equates to the utmost in effective censorship of all visible opposition. It serves to have a demoralizing effect upon the now covert opposition because they feel isolated. When dissent is silenced, it becomes harder to know the true numbers of those who are like-minded. It is hard to know if one has the numbers that will gain one safety.

And right there, it ought to be seen how the goal of radical Islamists is akin to the militancy of the sort that was reported here.  Uncertainty in safety virtually assures individuals will accept the mind-control that so aids tyrants in their rise to power. As Orwell explained, Statists would to go the extra step to "Stamp out thought crime" by prohibiting an ever-increasing number of words. Their object is to make the thinking of rebellion virtually impossible, "at least so far as words are needed for thought."

What the public has come to know as Political Correctness is in reality a sort of early censorship created by what appears to be group expectations. In the norm, most people seek approval of the whole, and so that garners self-censorship. However, once enough people have taken on the self-censorship -- or mind control -- the government then has the numbers that permits them to legally censor one word -- or phrase or book -- after another. And it happens despite the American tradition and the individual's first Amendment assurances.

Let's go back now to the early advance of the Islamic radicals one more time. The authorities where the killings occurred were unable or unwilling to defend those who spoke out against the radicals, or even just spoke up in defense of moderation. Or perhaps the authorities were complicit with the radicals -- the end result of not seeking justice for those who were slain amounted to the same thing.

So we are all now suffering the consequences. Palestinians were subjected to such terror long before terrorism became our watchword after 9/11, because the world let it go. "Let the subhumans sort out their own crap. It's their problem, not ours." Whereas King Hussein was allowed to end the actions brutally (he being of the same "race") without censure from the world press, the Israelis found themselves much more constrained because the world saw them as a privileged class. The Palis became "protected." Long before the UN declared Zionism akin to racism, the World already was thinking of it racially. So the radical Palis were granted their special "protected" class status and self-destruction for themselves and their posterity ensued -- just as rotten world leaders had every expectation they would.

Whoever understands the purpose of law and justice cannot miss the message sent to perpetrators when the laws they violate go unsupported. When al Qaeda came along and widened those subjected to terror, why is there no accounting for the legal atmosphere that permitted their death-oriented culture to flourish? These were not mere chickens coming home to roost. They were homing pigeons.

Well, the fate of the earliest moderate Palestinians leading up to the plight of contemporary Palis should stand as a lesson about all militants at their height of intimidation. You would be hard-pressed to find a non-militant of any "protected class" who isn't somewhat intimidated by the militants of that class.

Nonmilitant homosexuals, when not made fearful or hate-filled by demagoguery, easily become nothing more than live and let live libertarians.

We see where many have been forced "out the closet" by the militants and were mortified when not pissed. They were -- or are if they didn't join the militants -- as much at the mercy of the militants as any class whom the Statists have decided are "owed" protection from the rest of society.

Quick review of other "classes":
  • Non-militant blacks are called Uncle Toms and Statist media gives them no fair opportunity to rail against their aggressors.
  • Non-militant woman are called female impersonators and likewise given no fair and equal access to respond.
  • Other people of color are called coconuts and denied the microphone granted their detractors.
  • Non-Left leaning members of Government are called right-wing (SKUNCs) and wing-nuts (conservatives), where mostly only the conservatives, when nearing a media mic, are shouted down.
On the other hand, Greens who were really communists in disguise, we have labeled as watermelons for years. But did we ever hear that label used by MSM in reference to radical environmentalists? For that matter, when was the last time anyone heard the adjective "radical” in reference to anything Left?" The last time I recall hearing it was in the 1960s, for instance: “the radical Mark Rudd.” Today, a reader of the NY Times would think there are no radicals on the Left. Scarily reminiscent, is it not, of the Leninist slogan "No enemies on the Left."

Conservatives and independents who fit into those protected classes dislike and want no part of "their" militants. Yet the Left-wing dominant media torments them by insisting that the militants speak for them. Thus these people, their voices ignored, find themselves worse than marginalized – they are painted as non-existent! If it's hard to imagine members of the Left being racist towards members of a protected group it is because other Leftists will claim their own people are really closet right-wing bigots. This is the meaning of "no enemies on the Left."

The broader public simply will not see this lie, nor those afflicted by it, until this scam is widely exposed. Are we so afraid of being called names by the Left who will assail us for exposing them? I feel it's never done in great part because of the influence of SKUNCs in our ranks, like Michael Medved, who will assail us with homilies like "two wrongs don't make a right." Hold on -- we who are not racist know how it feels to be called racist, so we shouldn't say that real racists are racists because we know how that feels? Well, that is our SKUNC-works. The GOP needed a varmint eliminator twenty years ago.

No, no. Such exploitations could never have taken place without the full backing of every facet of establishment media. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how we, the new Fourth Estate, should discard the Newspeak/doublethink label "Minitrue" and simply call the MSM the Agency of Lies, or as I labeled it at the time The Administry of Lies. Again: that's because sarcasm is dead.

The rotten Statist game can and must be exposed. More than a handful may listen, but I've no illusions.

What you're experiencing with the homosexual avante garde is a pattern that has been repeated over decades. Homosexuals are merely the wealthiest and well educated of the protected classes if not the newest (that's Muslims). Or should I have written "educated." Being a wise-guy has become wisdom in postmodernity. When the new protected class drops a wall on members of the wealthiest one, we'll see who's wise then, eh?

When it comes right down to it, the "protected" class is the deliberate creation of sub-groups in society so that the government "finally achieves some measure of social justice." It's really a way for those in power to get more power over the entire society it seeks to rule.

Social justice is a mockery of what is known as justice without any modifier. Social justice amounts to a judgment against the larger society, but without trial. There are not even any specific charges against specific defendants against specific victims. It all becomes an intentional blur, like the trick of an illusionist.

Essentially we are witnessing those in power assigning a punishment to the society at large on behalf of a subgroup for allegedly being treated as sub-humans. It's a collective guilt assigned based solely on the existence of differences. Cause and effect, the very core of rational thinking, has nothing to do with it.

And wait -- there's more. Because within any subgroup are found individuals as a whole who are not members of the other subgroups, everybody not in power gets swept up in the web of deceit that the deceivers label "social justice."  It's the government enslavement of the whole simply because -- well -- that's what the power mad ultimately seek!

And now here is what may be the most stinking thing about it all.  Members of the ruling class have from time to time been heard to utter the sort of blasphemous speech to which they point to as proof of the guilt of the whole rest of the society of individuals. However, it's only people in the outer circles who get scooped in, chewed up, and thrown out for such transgressions. This is the proof they've reached the pinnacle of power -- the license and the will and the thrill from inflicting pain without being punished as are lesser men.  The ages-old dream of all tyrants: to swagger with impunity as others cower.

It is hard to imagine that I've not thoroughly exhausted the how and why of subverting the American sense of justice. It’s possible I’ve missed a wrinkle of two. But I certainly I’ve made it clear what is the Statist motive.  Their political goal is the enslavement of the noblest asset of mankind: the human mind.  And from there, the enslavement of all Americans, so they are no longer free to prevent the enslavement of the rest of the world as they’d done or attempted to do countless times in the last century.

There is no tyrant more rotten than he who seeks to suppress and destroy the human mind -- and it all starts with the one-way street of Statist censorship dispensed in the guise of compassion.

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