Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take Charge TEA Party

Will the House of Representatives fight?

So far the news is that there will be no overall challenge of ObamaCare funding for the continuing resolution to fund the government.
The 111th Congress included language to forces the 112th Congress to pay for the law that defeated the 111th.

And the GOP led 112TH Congress won't fight even in their own Rules Committee? The 111th Rules Committee created this atrocity, so the 112th's has the right to retaliate within the same body. Gutless wonders, eh? Quell surprise!

How about taking it to the Supreme Court?  Robert Byrd did that with Ronald Reagan's Line-Item Veto and got that overturned. The premise by which SCOTUS overturned it was division of powers.

What greater division of power can there be but that the voted out Congress can hold no strong arm over the current Congress? We have the precedent. Dig up and drag Byrd's carcass to the SCOTUS if need be.

Fight. FIGHT. F I G H T!

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