Monday, February 28, 2011

Insidious Propaganda

The following public service announcement was provided by the Ad Council on behalf of the Smokey Bear program. 

"Homework," shortened version. [Someone PLEASE find the long version and send it here. Record it if you hear it. It may be a weekend PSA]

This is the MILD version. In non-bizarre times, it was understood to be not wise to promote the idea that kids barely old enough to walk streets without supervision are prescient sages. It was a laughable notion that childre would to provide moral guidance to doltish fathers. Maybe in Marxist reeducation camps, but not in America.

But disgustingly, that notion is central to and being promoted even by this mild version of the PSA. Of course is in keeping with the pattern used in some network sitcoms, such as Home Improvement. It's a notion that we have allowed to go on for far too long without widespread backlash. I pray this post sets a pattern others will chose to follow.

Maybe this mild version of the PSA is bad enough to drive home my point of how callous, intrusive and outlandish are those who pretend to be our nation's protectors. Only to help make the point, I'd love to find the more objectionable PSA that prompted this post. I think the Ad Council is hiding it. My complaint has so much merit they've been forced to hide it. If they are hiding, it surely is to our side's benefit to find it and hold it up for the full exposure and deconstruction.

Here is what you will find in the longer version.
Where the father makes the weak plea "I knew that" in this version, in the excessive version, the kids laugh at him and say "yeah, sure!"  That was followed by the Dad pleading "Mom doesn't need to know about this, does she?" and the kids braying back, "Oh yeah, Big time." WTF is this ratship the Ad Council is constructing?

Whereas I heard it yesterday on the radio, it's my guess that it still is being broadcast where young and impressionable children can be poisoned against their parents by it. Make no mistake about it, but this is on the road to conditioning kids. It subtly manipulates the natural (and often parentally frowned upon) tattling on siblings, and extends it here to promoting (by example) the ratting out parents to one another. The next logical step and the Ads would promote kids to turning in friends and neighbors to the secret police.

This is the specter of Stalin and 1984. Propagandize the children to rat out their parents to the authorities. I think Hitler did this too, erected statues in town squares honoring youthful rats. The worst thing for children is for the state to take their parents away from them and then later knowing, when they realize how they'd been used by the police state, what a terrible wrong they had done.

Fight back America -- the climate that these Marxist/Statists are rigging is not the America our patriots fought to preserve for us.

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