Monday, February 21, 2011

A PC Tactic

This is far from the first instance I've read the assertion "They obviously have no idea how insane they appear."

I warn you all not to buy into that thinking. It is by far not obvious unless the Left were comprised of nothing but naifs. At this point, the preponderance of evidence that malice is present is so great, that were they to tell me that the sun rose in the East this morning, I'd immediately try uncover why they felt the need to mention it.

Here is how I responded to JWF's conclusion:

Where's the evidence they have no idea how they look? That they appear insane is often a tactic of bullies. If they can convince you that they are not rational, they can make large numbers of potential adversaries just give up. Is it possible you never analyzed how PC works? It's the essence of getting the majority to clam up.

You are wrong because your statement "They obviously" ignores this common tactic.

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