Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You Set the Standard When You Accept What is Rotten

I have known many people who are generally good people. However, even known monsters were seldom monsters all the time. Hitler liked dogs. Stalin liked potatoes.

I posted two factual observations which run contrary to God's word this week, and the better angels have nothing to add.

Of the many good people I've conversed with over the years, many who would not harm a fly have also agreed with the Malthusian observation at least to some extent. "Six and half billion people really is too much." The propaganda is winning and God's influence is all but lost there.

So, when I posted about the debasement of organized religion, I figure it's one of those other sacred cows that cannot be mentioned. It really may condemn those who are afraid to discuss it. Being afraid to discuss either of these issues means you are accepting the lowered standards being foisted upon your world. This is why political correctness is really political cowering, and why I say PC is merely censorship in disguise. Silence in the face of terribly devolving standards demonstrates how effective this new form of censorship has become indeed.

When you find you can't get a doctor because you've been deemed non-utilitarian, who will you cry to? God will have turned a deaf ear because you turned a deaf ear to the debasement of his church as you watched the shepherding be taken over by atheists and did not challenge it.

There are far too many willing to let the world go to the dogs because they believe that will hasten the final conflict. If you are among these, I plead with you to alter that view -- because it almost surely would guarantee your damnation. On the other hand, if you see the rottenness and cannot stomach it, and it pains you to see those you love being misled, then you must become a leader in favor of reform. Even on a small scale, you can set a new standard, can make a personal statement from your own reformed behavior.  Simply by demanding a higher standard for yourself you raise societal standards by at least that much. Even the faint-hearted have become leaders by doing at least that.

I've one friend who constantly begs off of this request. Because he's bright and clever and knowledgeable, his fate is what was once commonly known as a crying shame. Don't you be that way.

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