Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Worthless Blog Fodder

I imagine many of my readers have had a similar reaction at some point in the last 4+ years to the following sort of headline posted today at JWF.
Scandal-Plagued Obama Plummets to 41% Approval in New Poll

Who here believes he gives a damn he's unloved? Let's see a show of hands.

I suspect that before I asked the question (the nature of which suppresses the total) that there were far too many hands. The proof is provided by how many times this sort of headline is published and talked about. Yet, it is worthless blog fodder.

Here is  Tocqueville on the subject:
a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.
And Bummer and his DOJ are doing their damnedest to provide those divisions.

I don't want to hear how low the bum's approval rating is, I want to know when the country is going to stop allowing itself to be divided. Our divisions provide opportunities for him to escalate his despotic behavior. Our loss is his gain. Grow up Americans.

If you like this sentiment, then consider blowing off some steam of your own at the link to JWF above. Maybe suggest that it's time we take heed of Tocqueville conclusion and think hard on countermeasures.


  1. You're right. Obama doesn't care one whit about his approval rating. Rather, he's got his eye on a different ball -- the new world order that he is determined to bring about.

    1. "He [and his allies have their] eye[s] on a different ball."

      See today's post AOW, prompted by a news headline: Fundamentally Change ... the Land of Opportunity

  2. Not sure what to do about it. At this point in the cycle I am not sure what we can do, other than turn off the news cycle and never buy from the advertisers. Which if you watch fox, are people shilling gold, silver, reverse mortgages and Viagra.

    I would run for elected office, but how many votes could you get telling people you are going to stop the programs they need to live, or at least, that is what they think.

    It is a conundrum.

    1. We know the answer Paul. It needs not be stated here.

  3. "I want to know when the country is going to stop allowing itself to be divided"
    You lost me there. The country has been deeply divided for decades over how it should be governed, held together by a common confidence in the political process. I'm skeptical that the confidence will hold in the face of our economic and moral degeneration. What realistically possible events in the next several years would sustain it?

    1. Damn good question Dan. Realistically possible may have more to do with restorative measures than with sustainability. Ooh. There's that word again. Imagine that.


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