Sunday, July 07, 2013

Despicable "Former" Leftists

To whom am I referring? Michael Savage and David Horowitz.

Savage sent out emails to listeners (in this case, former), that were almost as dishonest about the facts in the George Zimmerman trial as anything MSNBC published from the start. (Text is below the break.)

And the Headline from Breitbart David Horowitz: Conservatives Jumped the Gun on Zimmerman Innocence provides words of Horowitz' which will only foster race riots should Zimmerman be found guilty. Or even worse in the long run, terrify the jury into declaring Zimmerman guilty to save their own hides.

Listen up Horowitz. Most reputable conservatives did not claim Zimmerman was innocent. They were appalled
  1. that all the Left had declared him guilty. 
  2. that Prosecutor Cory had used extralegal means to indict him (and she has been indicted by a grand jury for it too)
  3. and additionally, they were concerned, and rightly so, that all gun-rights eliminators from the President on down would use Zimmerman as another excuse to disarm Americans.

Has this "former" red-diaper baby has gone back to his bastardly ways? Looks like it.

Listen up Savage. I know your listener-ship is plummeting. Your lame attempt to promote your ratings with controversy has failed stupendously, and rightly so. You washed up talker and now senile old doper.

(**Update** After you read the evidence below the break, you may want to read my follow-up Death Cult Elitism On View.

and also read J.  Christian Adams' Newly Released Documents Detail the Department of Justice’s Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests  providing evidence that the Obama DOJ has been deeply involved in setting up the fuel for race riots.)
I formerly listened to Savage in order to get news and analysis that others ignored. I am too disgusted with this man to bother fisking his text. I think it doesn't require much work to show how he's using lies and emotion to push his controversy.

All the following is the text of the email I received from Savage (including the preface where he cowardly uses the 3rd person to declare GZ "guilty as charged." The word despicable was invented for machinations like that.) 

Savage believes that George Zimmerman went out that night looking for trouble and is guilty as charged. He told his audience, quite simply, that Martin "had a right to live."

  "I have to go back to the fact that Martin was probably in fear for his life," Savage said to his listeners, adding:

    I know you don't want to hear that.

    We know Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for possession of marijuana.

    We know he was a kid in trouble.

    We know he had a history of petty burglaries.

    That doesn't mean he should be killed.

    Many people listening to this show had troubled youths.

    Thank God they got through that phase of their life and they became human beings.

    They grew up.

    Trayvon Martin had a right to grow up.

    We don't know what he might have become.

    Maybe he'd just become an ordinary person. He didn't have to grow up to be Einstein.

    He just had a right to live.

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  1. I applauded Savage's replacement by Jerry Doyle locally, but I'm no fan of Doyle's since he came out pro gay marriage. In your face style.


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