Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Well, Imagine That

"The speech of the president last night, before the 48 hour deadline, did not achieve the goals of the people," the Army chief said. He said it prompted the militay [sic] to act  "based on its own national and patriotic duty."



Ace wishes:
"One can only hope that America learns from Obama as Egypt learned from Obama's pet Mursi." 
However, Ace, Egypt is not saddled by a uniformatarianistic Soviet-Style Media; merely a recently formed and distrusted state run propaganda office.


  1. What a damn shame our militaries in Western countries won't act "based on its own national and patriotic duty."

    1. There isn't enough popular support for that, outside or inside the US military. At any rate, it's our job to replace the government, not theirs.
      Good luck to us with that, eh?


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