Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fundamentally Change ... the Land of Opportunity

The truth of Obama's promise -- to "fundamentally change America" -- may not have been what many believed it was, but who can deny it was the truth?

Irony or not, the opening phrase of JWF's sarcastic sounding headline,  Another Obama Victory! 4 in 5 in U.S. Near Poverty, Can’t Find Work gets it literally correct once you understand the horrific prog/sustainability agenda: "Ending once and for all this land of opportunity and its God-anchored moral guidance."

Now we know what party under which the Obomber ran. We also know that the opposition party sure did not do all it could to prevent his elevation to power (No! He's a nice man." -John McCain). Furthermore, we know it has done worse than nothing to derail his agenda (Crying leader Boehner "fearing" government shutdown, and Deer-in-the-Headlights leader McConnell "fearing" not appearing senatorial), and has been actively targeting the honestly anti-Statist TEA party movement that began because the GOP was not doing its job.

As the fears continue to pile up (extorted into admitting to phony fears in order to not have real sins exposed), is there any longer any doubt that Gresham's Law has taken hold in all important national institutions? Like a real opposition party. Like a real independent media. Like once God-fearing religious organizations that have morphed into ones that only fear losing income enhancing tax exemptions should they oppose (or even expose; or even not endorse) governmental evils.

How many of the people have also succumbed? Maybe not entirely on their own, but because they fail to recognize and follow honest leaders.

What about you? What do you suppose your Maker will tell you?

**Updated with related news: The Environmental Lobby's Great Forest Con

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  1. Obama has never lied about his designs for us. He wanted to fundamentally change the US and he has succeeded. The GOP has never had an opposition with a visceral hate for the US before and they do not know what to do. They are as surprise as the rest of us.

    Unfortunately it is all over but the shouting. The US no longer exists, it is just the dying flexes of a giant that does not know it has been heart shot yet. The only thing at this point that could turn the US around would be a successful impeachment of Obama.

    What that would do is remove the current advisers that are really running things.

    The rule of law means nothing to the current leader ship and we will see more of the blatant exercise of dictatorial power as the summer winds down. It will be a really bad winter.

    My maker will throw me in the fire as I did not try hard enough to stop what I saw coming the first time I saw OBama preach many years ago.

    I know this is pretty dark, but it is too late for subtle warnings.


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