Sunday, July 14, 2013

Politically Incorrecting Neighborhood Watch

A late post-Zimmerman verdict comment at Sultan Knish's was left by something like the 40th Anonymous troll. It bears all the earmarks of a Leftist racialist who has a problem even with neighborhood watches. That, like CCW, is apparently under attack by the Statist's avante-garde, shock troops, smarmy Leftist -- whatever label I give you is too polite in my opinion.

I responded to the troll on two things he touched on, mostly because they were so typical of all of the Left. I reproduce a post-worthy version of it below, edited of typos and expanded for clarity. However, I want to add one thing first.

One of the things I didn't remark upon was that Sultan Knish had been making the case in his starter thread that the elitists have a class hatred for all Zimmermans in this world. And this troll simply ignored all that and simply went back to the narrative. 

"Wow, many you guys a..." -- Anonymous (number 40 something).

You write like a Leftist white guy who is paid to troll lies so that soft-headed liberals are confused and conservatives waste their time with liars. Baiting for sure in both cases.

Two things:

Fact: While Zimmerman was looking for the address, Martin went home initially. (opinion: Nothing further would have happened. But consistent racialist goading from thugs from your side are responsible for Martin's thinking no "crazy-ass cracker" is gonna make me afraid. )

Fact: So Martin then left home, looked for Zimmerman, and confronted him.

Undisputed facts between the prosecution and the defense.

But racial mayhem instigating Left guys ignore it and then have the gall to project the consequences of your side's constantly keeping open old wounds, so that individuals who naturally react to unknown faces who are skulking are portrayed as doing it only for racial reasons. For God's sake, Zimmerman himself is part black (but your media friends refuse to mention it because they want racial war.) Zimmerman did call 911, nobody looking for trouble does that. The trouble makers in this story are your kind who poisoned Trayvon's mind into finding reason to escalate where there was no need.

Second thing: "black people family values." There you go again. Why are black people family values any different than any other family's you creep? The real liberals worked hard to integrate our society. But it didn't take the radicals long to go out of their way to make sure differences between white and black were made ever more segregated so that confrontations such as this one could easily be instigated by poisoning the minds of especially the young.

The Left hates all people, and are quite content on stirring up racial hatreds with bloody outcomes as their goal. Seeing the words "family value" used by the likes of you makes me sick.

**Update** Og has captured some of the Leftist ploys I'm talking about with Everyone out there knows.

This first excerpt is about the attack on the ability of the working class to defend itself by the elites. (as Sultan Knish made painfully clear.) The Statist elites ("Progressives" is their preferred label) rely on a coalition of like-minded radicals, involving tactical deployments of the media, the agit-propping Leftists, and the bilge rats who've gained control of the legal system after years of it being subject to Greshom's Law.
"The left in this country has been utterly unsuccessful in removing our guns, but it has used racism to make sure we’re all terrified to use them."
"if you single out this incident and ignore all the rest of the brown people being killed, you could not be any more racist than that"
Such as consistently ignoring that Zimmerman is in fact half Hispanic (not white) and part black (not white). This circus all began when media elements heard his name and thought him a white Jew. That was too juicy to pass up. By definition, the media, like the NY Times with its newly coined "white Hispanic" headline, is racist. Or, the word I prefer for trouble-makers, racialist.

"Trayvon died because he thought he was a big dog thug. Being black had nothing to do with it, unless you contend that blacks have the right to act that way. Which also makes you a racist." 
This is an example of what I meant when I said the Leftists have been poisoning the mind of especially the young.


  1. You hear blacks complain about the verdict and realize they don't have a grasp of the facts.

    1. Not just blacks.

      Speaking during Sunday evening dinner with someone who turned out to be a white liberal, he first claimed to have not seen the pictures of GZ after he'd been beaten by TM.

      As I attempted to flesh out what he believed to have happened, he ended the debate (thanks to our host who knows both of us) with the words "Trayvon should have succeeded in killing him." Heck of a switch I tripped on this pretender.

      So my advice is: do not be too quick to "realize" anyone on the Left has no grasp of the facts. Hatred drives best from emotions, so those who've been marinated in bitterness are inclined to accept "facts" that please them rather than have any basis in reality. The SSM has been schooled in propaganda, indoctrination, and agit-prop for no GOOD reason.

  2. they dont want a grasp of the facts none of the left care about that its about the meme, the propaganda, the "social justice"

    it doesnt matter one bit to them they are not only entitled to thier own opinions but thier own facts. this is just more evidence that we have two parallel worlds trying to coexist in one space.

    the left is also the most vicious destructive and rabid parallel culture going outside of the islamist culture. once they have decided you must be destroyed nothing will stand in their way not logic not facts nothing. thier are kill zimmerman facebook pages and facebook unbeleivably says they are not a breach of thier rules. try having page entitled "kill (insert favorite left wing icon here)page" see how long that lasts. twitter has been on fire with murder threats, the doj may still try to take a pound of flesh with the full might of the federal gov. they are still trying to figure out how to brand the brown latin man with a black grandfather a racist who hates black people, a man who helped black children in his spare time and organized a community protest when a hommless black man was mistreated by the police. a man who the FBI said had no racist connections and saw no racial component in the self defense killing he was put on trial for.

    the system its minions and cadre of helpers in the media they are all howling goblins who see not injustice, but revenge and moving the leftist ball down the field if justice was their aim they would be on the case of the hundreds of innocent murdered black children in chicago but becuase those kids were all killed by other blacks in a town that already has "gun control"its acceptable. someone outside the tribe kills one of thiers and they saw an oportunity to try and gain points and demonize the right and the only unprotected class left in america the strawman, the whipping boy, the white man. and they ran with it.

    yeah I know that was long, im a little annoyed with the bizzaro world we live in and the fact that many people now can just make up thier own reality and call it real. like one idiot talking head saying 12 year old black boys wont be able to sleep now knowing scary white men have an open season on killing them. really?! my mind reels at the idiocy of that, she was trying to paint martin as still being a 12 year old becuase the most shown picture of him was from over five years ago and two lead people to beleive a jury let go a man who stalked and killed a 12 year old and now white people will be out looking for black children to kill and will get away with it. another railed at God saying he is an old white man and a hater and obviously doesnt love black people becuase zimmerman wasnt convicted.

    1. Nice rant rumcrook. I'm happy I provided you a place to release your thoughts.

      See, your rant reminds me of my own thoughts before I sort them and write them down. So don't fret about it being long. It helps to make sense of your own thoughts and feelings to see them in print.

      It is made to seem like a bizarro world for bad reasons. Those who seek to rule us know that driving us to the brink of insanity aids them greatly.

      Therefore I conclude that collecting your thoughts helps defeat them.

      So do more of it. If enough of us do that, we increase the chances that the monster our Dr. Frankensteins have created will turn on them. Justice.

  3. We are witnessing the Left taking apart America piece by piece.

    1. It's been on-going for more than a century. The old "Progressives" were incrementalists from the start. As you say, piece by piece.

      Now, they are into their fully brazen mode of advancement of their agenda, and they feel their goals are in site, we are witnessing an acceleration so that the pieces are being claimed faster and faster.

      So we have CCW nationwide? The Zimmerman case is a threat against anyone who dares use those rights. Hell, any form of self-defense puts the defender in a worse bind than the perps. Anyone who still doubts this only need to look at what happenned to Brits who dared defend themselves over the last 20 years.

      Piece by piece is the Statist's old mode of operation.

      The new mode is chunk by chunk.

  4. Well, since the leftist got their dream candidate they are full speed ahead.

    BC, the first black president did not hate this country. BO on the other hand has a visceral hatred of anything that was built or is maintained by whites. He and his bride cannot wait to have white serfs to do with as they please, and I am sure what they please will make Pol Pot look like the virgin Mary.

    With the media complicit in all that is going on I really do not see much hope for the near term future.

    1. Paul, I am not quite so glum as you appear to be.

      Currently I am composing another essay, tentatively titled "Appeasement Never Works -- Will We Ever Learn?" that addresses the hard facts facing us.

      American's good intentions have been viewed as a sign of timidity and weakness so that those who want more power believe that there is nothing here to stop them.

      Maybe once people are faced with the fact that our leaders have been appeasing bad actors in our name, maybe then new leaders will turn up.

      Or maybe it will require divine intervention. I'm the last one to ask other to believe that that is to be expected. Instead, let me just end this comment with one of Wretchard's excellent twists. "God takes care of children and the United States of America."

  5. I try to be upbeat, but I don't see much where we won't have some level of violence to change the direction the country is headed.

    When violence has been unleashed, the saying the ants get squashed when the elephants dance comes to mind.


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