Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trial By Ordeal

Just when you thought the prosecution in the George Zimmerman case could not be any more anti-American, they decided to try and tack on an additional charge -- one for murder in the 3rd degree -- after the case arguments were rested by both Prosecution and Defense. Judge Nelson says she 'will rule on the proposal later.'** Hell, if there is any justice in her I'd think she'd come back with a contempt of court citation on the prosecutor.
I will let you read the analysis at Ace of Spades and at his link. My point is this.

YOU are being subjected to trial by ordeal. YOU are witnessing what is in store for you should you attempt to defend yourself and the President of the United States decides you'd make a good target to accomplish gun control by other means. The ordeal is to your mind and any considerations you have to your natural right to self defense. You do what is right in the eyes of our self-appointed god and you may be granted mercy, else suffer the consequences.

The idea behind trial by ordeal in medieval times was that God would protect the truly innocent. Good luck with god.

** Update: Judge denied the motion to add a late extra charge; but did not charge prosecutor with contempt of court.


  1. I had little faith in the court system after OJ. I have none now.

    1. Yes, the appearance of a kangaroo court is great here. Do you know who appointed this woman to the bench?

  2. I would guess OBama, but not sure. If it is the one, then the Judge will be guilty of collusion. Not that it could be proved or charged in our current legal environment.

    If we lose the integrity of the court we will see an acceleration of the slide into the abyss.

  3. The judge was appointed by Jeb Bush.
    See the video at the link below for more idiocy by the judge.


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