Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Medved: For the Record

Readers here know that I castigated Michael Savage and David Horowitz for their part in fueling the racial issue divide in the George Zimmerman trial. What you may not know is that in comments at Liberty's Torch I stated the following: "I expect that Michael Medved (and the rest of that Judas goat's suspect Salem Broadcasting stable) cannot be far behind."

Well, he didn't go that far, but can it still be said he is, indeed, not far behind.  I ask your honest opinion and why.

The first hour of the Michael Medved show today (July 10) was devoted to taking calls on the GZ trial. I want to state for the record that Medved did not go so far as the other two.

I wish I had a transcript to review what I heard him say on his own and in reaction to callers. But since I do not, and won't pay for a podcast to get one, I ask you to rely on my own memory (that comes and goes since I tend to become distracted with my own thoughts in reaction to what I hear.) Still, my memory is often pretty accurate even when not precise.

Yes, Medved 'deplored those who raise racial tensions as have been on display here.'

Furthermore, I would bet big money that his call screener did not permit callers on to add to the hour the important news released only a few hours ago by Judicial Watch that reveals that the Obama DOJ has been actively fomenting racial tensions since Zimmerman shot Martin.  It would undermine what I believe to be his real intentions but for which he would never admit (unless this was his turn to be the radical.)

So in typical "Progressive" fashion, he let the DOJ and other two talkers carry the heavy load while he made appeals for the rest of us to play it cool and not rise to the bait.

Another way to look at this is found in the typical Leftists tactic of the Moral Marshmallow. One or two make the crazy, then fade into the background so they can't be questioned. Those who remain out front argue that you didn't hear what you just heard, and besides, it would be wrong to react violently to violence. And like this news that the call screener never allowed on air, it's as if it never happened so he doesn't have to deal with it in a timely fashion.

In other words, this was not Medved's turn to be in your face to us commoners, it was his turn to downplay the danger us commoners feel because his compatriot "former" Leftists had said what he vehemently denies matched his intentions.

The betrayal by "conservative" talk radio continues. It is my most fervent wish that others start critically observing such inconsistencies and help me shed light on these fifth columnists.

Velociman came up with a fine way to weigh DOJ's involvement:

"This is the most stunning abuse of the police power of the state I have ever witnessed. And John Mitchell is the disgraced Attorney General? This is the United States of America. Your top cop does not agitate mobs and foment bloodlust against a private citizen." [Emphasis in original]

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  1. To help tie things together, I just left the following comment over at Liberty's Torch.

    YIH, they are all frauds depending on when it they are assigned by their masters (those who give them access and/or arrange to see they get well paid) to behave radically.

    As I said up above, Medved et al. could not be far behind. Today he did it, but played nice on the surface. Details at Medved: For the Record.

    Medved today in his first hour said he deplored "those who raise racial tensions as have been on display here." This while 2 hours before his show aired, Judicial Watch released the records that Obama's DOJ was funding and protecting and fomenting the racial protests of GZ. It was no surprise to me that Medved's call screener did not allow anyone to enter that news into the discussion.

    No surprise there. Medved (the admitted agitpropper) deplores it when OUR side reacts as the Left exoects to Leftist thrusts.


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