Monday, July 22, 2013

Revealed: Eric Holder's Playbook

The Obama White House forced the State of Florida to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. But then Zimmerman was found not guilty in the most kangaroo of courts in living memory.

And now they are not finished with him despite constitutional protections forbidding double jeopardy.

But there is precedence for this you know.
"The MGB* wasn't interested in the truth and had no intention of letting anyone out of its grip once he was arrested." -- footnote 1, chapter 4, Gulag Archipelago [emphasis added]
*after 1954 known as KGB

Now we know whose playbook Eric Holder’s DOJ is using with George Zimmerman. Who will be next?

This is a shorter, and hopefully more memorable version of yesterday's post. It presented an important comparison. Free peoples need to take heed of this warning from the past given the current political climate with its accelerated hits on their individual freedom.


If you approve of disseminating this sort of knowledge and insight to a wider audience, please consider giving a thumbs up (and encourage others too) to two very similar comments that I left at Breitbart. Here are the links.

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