Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is this worth posting?

About the hopelessness of my siblings.

It is possible my late Dad sent me a juxtaposition while I slept. "It is not liberal guilt; it is holier than thou attitudes you're seeing."

They are invested in the idea that a large number of Americans are racist, and they are therefor better. Trying to get them to see that it's their political heroes who are the racists requires them to look at it from a different perspective.

When we were kids, I could get their attention long enough for them to laugh at how a hand-drawn staircase demonstrates shifting perceptions.

One moment the drawing looks like it goes from upper left to lower right towards you as viewed from above. But after you look at it long enough you see it shift before your eyes. Then the stairs are seen descending upper left to lower right going away from you as if you were viewing it from below.

Today, however, there is no way I can get them to look or listen long enough to anything which would reveal that the racists are the race hustlers who go about disguised as liberals.

Sure there are run of the mill racists. But not to the percentage in the whites of the nation as are in those whites who hold office or appear on TV.

Know what I mean?

If you have had better success, please share in comments.


  1. I have found that I simply cannot persuade most people that they are mistaken. These people who are determined to believe that all whites are racists are firmly entrenched in their views.

    1. Presumably that would also mean the whites who think all other whites are racist -- except for them.

      One of my siblings had a tremendous problem in early years of High School because another student was engaging in slander. You'd think that someone who'd undergone such an ordeal would be more careful of accepting and aligning with virulent biases.

      In that instance, after having been so worn out and hating not having allies nearby, it is likely all courage has evaporated. I greatly suspect that many of our fellow citizens have accepted that same bias because they never had courage to begin with that would permit them to buck the trend.

    2. I forgot to add. It is much easier to not notice ones lack of courage when one can dismiss it with the feeling that by accepting the bias of the environment they can feel superior to those they are biased against.

  2. Pascal, your latter comment approaches something I was thinking, which is that a certain fraction of humanity seems to be very eager to find other people they can feel superior to. Whether that comes from an inferiority complex or just a general hostility toward people, I'll leave up to the pshrinks.

    1. Daniel, part of that is a consequence of the littler people willingly following the lead of the bigger misanthropes at the seat of power. Few people are willing to accept my conclusion that misanthropy is at the heart of everything that's fomenting one way or another of the turning up to down and black to white. For me it's as simple as noticing to whom the leadership is tolerant and intolerant of, whose activities they turn a blind eye towards and whose activities they are always hounding, and whose activities they provide incentives and whose they penalize.

      It is invariably nowadays whatever turns the world topsy turvy so that people are left never knowing from what side they are going to be hit next. Nothing short of open warfare demonstrates more hostility to human life (destructive to even the simplest joys of living) than that.


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