Monday, July 29, 2013

Ace Is Almost There

The primary problem with the so-called elites is that they are not elite, and they are neither wise, nor intelligent, nor educated, nor enlightened, nor superior in any fashion save two, accident of circumstance and elevated self-regard.

They do not have any conception of what they're doing, of the history of this country, or of the disasters their stupidity visits upon the ruled every day of the year.

And they will be the death of us all. -- Ace of Spades, Obama: I Didn't Bother Asking a Lawyer If I Could Unilaterally Suspend the Law; All I've Done Is Merely Seize Plenary Power on Behalf of the People
Ace is almost where I have been for over 2 decades. Yet Ace does not see the errant connection between his second paragraph and his third. "They do not have any conception ... that they will be the death of us all."

Au contraire mon ami. Many of the "elites" do have the conception of what they do. It's just that the progressive/sustainability vision is so God-awful that they dare not speak it except in obscure journals published by radical nut-job institutions for which they provide tax preferences and to which they funnel taxpayer money.

This is the problem I have with all the top Dextrosphere bloggers. Because the Left, the phony Right Statists, and the enemies of humanity (but I repeat myself) will not say they are its enemies, the top bloggers fear being laughed at. That fear is not new. It lies at the heart of Hans Christian Anderson's tale The Emperor's New Clothes. Only the fool, yours truly, will speak of it nearly every day. The others are quite apt to go to their deaths muttering something like "if Stalin only knew."

Across the board. We. Need. New. Leaders.

Find them amongst those who are unafraid to call out the enemies of all mankind: the Prog megalomaniacs.


  1. To bad palin got so savaged by the press. I would hazard the IRS might have got on board as well to remove her from the race.

    She was a true breath of fresh air and I doubt we see her equal ever again, at least on a national stage.

    She actually stood up to some of the crooks running Alaska and got them evicted. Pretty good for a basic house wife.

    1. She was not just savaged by the press. She was savaged by McCain's own people from day one. McCain fired a key campaign worker for referring to the Bum as a Marxistm, but nothing happened to the Palin bashers.

      I love the way she looks; her dynamic personality; her origins; and what she says. And if you hit my Palin label, you will see I may have been the first to understand PDS and to rail against it.

      However, after learning of some of the things she had done while (naming only two awful things: AGW policies and endorsing the UN Law of the Sea Treaty) I became disillusioned in her. And when she backed two females SKUNCs for California office, plus helping McCain retain his seat, I can only say that I hope the type of character that Palin represents is NOT disqualified as you suggest with "I doubt we see her equal again." Our enemies know what we like, and are clever enough to provide us facsimiles of the real thing. You will notice that Palin and family are today richer than they ever could have legitimately become serving in public office. A large part of her money came from people like me who wanted to help her fight the two-minute hate machine, which in the least would be the chivalrous thing for us to do. Never forget that Orwell made it clear in 1984 that the opposition to Big Brother was an institution taken over and run by the inner party.

    2. "while (..."
      should have been
      "while governor of Alaska (..."

  2. Well, while I did like her, I did not give her any money so I did not help her become rich.

    It does point out the problem we have with elected individuals in this country. they have to be "dirty" to be elected, and even if they are not, the process will spoil them by the time they are elected.

    It is a rare individual indeed that does not respond to the promise of unlimited power or money in manner we would approve of.


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