Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Death Panels" Now Bipartisan Words

Some news today helps sustain my comments of yesterday. I wrote about why I shifted from being a Sarah Palin supporter to being skeptical.

I loved her looks; her dynamic personality; her origins; and the things she said. And if you hit my Palin label, you will see I may have been the first to understand PDS and to rail against it.

However, after learning of some of the things she had done while she was governor of Alaska (naming only two awful things: AGW policies and endorsing the UN Law of the Sea Treaty) I became disillusioned in her. 

And when she campaigned, in the CA GOP primaries, for two female SKUNCs (Carly Fiorina to oppose Boxer and Meg Whitman to oppose Brown) against real conservatives in the primaries, plus helping the despicable McCain retain his senate seat, I can only say that I hope the type of character that Palin represents is NOT disqualified as you [commenter Paul] suggest with "I doubt we see her equal again." Because I yearn to live to see the real thing.

Our enemies know what we like, and are clever enough to provide us facsimiles of the real thing. You will notice that Palin and family are today richer than they ever could have legitimately become serving in public office. A large part of her money came from people like me who wanted to help her fight the two-minute hate machine, which in the least would be the chivalrous thing for us to do. 

Never forget that Orwell made it clear in 1984 that the opposition to Big Brother was an institution taken over and run by the inner party.
So when Palin became the first to call out Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board as death panels, I was perplexed. My readers know I was aware of these things long before she called them out. And I would have been delighted if any other national personality had called attention to them.  But Sarah Palin, having long been serving as our Soviet-Style Media's two minute hate object, pretty much made her the worst, counter-productive choice for sounding such an alarm.

So when the news comes out that Howard Dean, of all people, acknowledges that Palin was correct, Howard Dean admits Sarah Palin was right on ‘death panels,’ I hope you understand what I meant by "Our enemies know what we like, and are clever enough to provide us facsimiles of the real thing." 

It's been a liberal trick that was noticeable since Archy Bunker was created by the radical Leftist Norman Lear.  Bunker was given lines that spoke little truths now and then, but always in all the wrong ways. The character was created specifically to discredit anything he said because he said it. Thus Bunker provided liberal wags ways to avoid answering all conservative arguments by turning them into personal attacks "why, you sound like Archy Bunker."

Same thing here. "Death Panels? You sound like Sarah Palin, Haw haw." And no further discussion ensued. Until today.

And so what? Obamacare has been passed in part because the most antihuman part of it was laughed out of the discussion. It was there, but dismissed. The means of dismissing it was diabolical. And it worked.

So now you know how this was done disreputably, do we still have a chance to stop it? Yes, but it is a long shot.

The House of Representatives can, on its own, derail the ACA implementation by refusing to fund it. But whether House Speaker John Boehner is just another SKUNC or merely a weakling, it matters little. It will take some very loud voices to force him to comply with your wishes. If there were many more like my readers, the derailment might actually happen. But I just don't see it right now short of Divine intervention.

Still, do whatever you can. So many people you know who are still unaware are facing a very grim and unnecessary death.


  1. The devil is running things now.

    Pray for good health as if you don't have that you will receive little help.

    1. Well if he's not all there yet, he's certainly putting on a big push to do so.

      When I write these paens, it is because Edmond Burke comes to mind: "All it take for evil to prosper is for good men to say nothing."

  2. Has it come to this? The last resort?
    Prayer to the Almighty God?
    I wonder if He answers favorably more when He's the first resort.
    But this post is clear, concise and on the money.

  3. It was jay Leno who said "If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."

    I expect that this does very much apply to the whole nation now.


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