Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Death Cult Elitism On View

It has only been a couple of days since I was pissed off enough to warn readers about two turncoat voices who have been fixtures in Right politics since at least the 1990s. Both Michael Savage and David Horowitz (Despicable "Former" Leftists) now consider themselves part of the elite. Savage never tires of telling us how great he is, and Horowitz had been raised to be part of the Left elites until he parted ways (allegedly) with his early gestators.

Today, Daniel Greenfield helped me understand WHY these two "former" Leftists chose the George Zimmerman murder case to reveal that their hearts remain with the Leftist elites. They now have blown their credibility with me because I understand something about elements of the Right that few others are willing to address.

All it takes to be an elite in today's world is to discount any human who you deem to be in a lower class than yourself. Nothing else better explains how easy it is for the Leftist elites of our society to be fostering self-destructive behavior among Leftist "favored" herds (blacks, latins, homosexuals, feminists).

And now thanks to Sultan Knish, with the condemnation of George Zimmerman by these two on the Right (joined today by Bob Beckel on Fox -- but is he really Right?), their behavior can be explained by dislike for those still in the lower middle class who only want to protect the little they still have from the marauders to whom the Left has incrementally been giving license to maraud even more.

I do not wish to appear too harsh in my judgment of these loud voices who claim to speak for the conservative view. But what else is left for real conservatives to do in the face of these Right elitist abandonment of weaker people which by law and conservative principles they are supposed to protect from gangs of thugs? We have to maintain our standards, and no matter what service these voices may have provided us before, they have revealed that their hearts really are not with our principles.

The Left has been promoting racial violence should justice not go their way has long been understood. Even now the headlines tell us that more than one Florida county is preparing for riots. The SSM and the Left have wanted it for decades (Charles Manson apparently caught wind of it even at far back as the 1960s). Now it seems that some on the Right do too. The good news to me in these instances is that the 3 voices so far "on the Right" who are saying things to promote the race riots are figures who it seems never really left the elitist thinking that is a hallmark of Leftism.

May God bless us and have mercy on the deluded souls who have let their hubris win out over the common sense that caused them previously to leave the Left (if they honestly did so -- and only He knows that.)

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