Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rid Yourself of Bush Defensive Syndrome

This is a written as a public service for a nation of conservatives who've had enough of being led around by the nose by elitist members of the GOP. 

On one hand they play up to you when they need your votes. But then, when the rubber meets the road, they mercilessly spurn you (and worse) when you expect them to represent you and, even more importantly, expect them to defend the Constitution and this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

JWF posted this heart-warming story tonight: Bush 41 shaves head in support of 2-year-old cancer patient.

Now, this is a warm gesture coming from any President. Especially now that such warmth is totally foreign to the creature some grudgingly refer to as the pResident. In a world like this, such a story comes as almost a relief; a reminder of gentler times.

There is little question the Bushes* know how to show a humane side in addition to their elitism ("if you are for border protection you must be a racist" being one of their major, blindly bigoted flaws.)

However, without casting any aspersions, let me remind you that Stalin famously observed
“a single death is a tragedy; a million merely a statistic.”
And let me also remind you of Slick Willie’s slogan of
“once you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy”
was not invented by Slick.

As for those who would dare charge me with Bush Derangement Syndrome — your Bush Defensive Syndrome is far more irrational and untrustworthy.

*All of them, right Jeb? Isn't it nice that Daddy would do what ever it takes to make it up to you for 2016 that you were passed over in 2000? Why, he even shaved his head. Being willing to take one for the team like that runs in the genes, doesn't it son? 


  1. While I vote GOP they have lost me.

    At this point the only difference seen in a political affiliation at the national level in our elected representatives is whether they intentionally break the law or do it through ignorance.

    They will not call to task those who have most famously broken the laws that make the contract between the elected and the electees tenable.

    I would like to believe we are on the cusp of something great, but I fear we are at the lip of a bottomless abyss. It remains to be seen how far we fall.

    1. See Paul, you understand our dilemma well. The responder Sponge, over at JWF, was clearly so irked by my comment that he somehow brought the uncharitable history of Biden into it as if that had anything to do with the mechanics of enslavement.

      My response to him was:

      Distracted much Sponge? What a nice squirrel Biden makes, eh?

      C'mon over to my blog my anonymous friend and you'll see I have no use for any Dem and not much for any currently serving of the rest. We need new leadership badly, across the board.

      The point you missed is that JWF's post serves the Bush desire to appear decent when there is a yawning vacuum of it at the very top right now. Because the Bushes know we yearn for it like a man dying of thirst, they dangle icons of it as if it could make up for their lack of vision that they can speak of.

      Daddy Bush joked about himself not having the Gipper's gift, but it wasn't that so much as he could not dare share his elitist vision as Reagan could inspire us with his. I'm sure it rankled Bush41 no end.

      The Bushes may appear to be benign despots (especially when compared to the Bum), but they intend to be despots and not republicans. If you don't want to understand that difference, there is nothing that can be done for you.

  2. There is nothing that can be done for me.
    I do not know W personally.
    For his failures, which are not overwhelming, I do not believe him to be despotic.
    I disagree vehemently with the notion of Jeb.

    1. Are you sure?

      I understand your reluctance to disparage any man not knowing him personally. But pols are more important to us than celebrities in that they affect our liberties.

      I think we do know W Bush, all the Bushes: we became acquainted with them from his works. He actually expanded govt -- which is despotic at the best of times -- despite being the head of the party that allegedly defends the constitution better.

      You are not alone in not recognizing that personal traits, whatever and how pleasant they may appear, do not erase the facts of the man's policy history. History is replete with both benign despots and tyrants. Sadly, at the time of their reign, the nature of both is often a matter of whose ox and how many are gored. We in America are supposed to have a different standard. I fear we are forgetting that as we are affected by a very bad man and will wind up settling for a less bad man, just so long as this one doesn't find an excuse to prolong our agony under him.

      My warning with this post is to be aware that the political football that has been passed between the Dems and the GOP, and we who are supposed to be served are treated like "the monkey in the middle." It's the depots' game. We "voters" have yet to figure out how to steal back that damn ball. We will never do it if, as Paul suggests in the comment below, we are left with the choice of a Bush/Christie or a Clinton/Hubble.

  3. By "notion of Jeb", I meant as president.
    I've no use for him as president.

  4. He would have to be better than Hillary, or worse yet her girl child.


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