Monday, April 02, 2012

We CAN Beat the Left When We Have Honest Leadership

There was a time when the forces of the Right could win. But it was only temporary wins and it appears the Left knew it. It was because they had a purpose as shown them by leaders who were in on the planning. If there were any on the Right who were planning the opposite, it seems clear that with so many "Progressive" (Incrementalist) Republicans at or near the helm of power, our side was too infiltrated with with agents from the other side. For ages it seems they succeeded in preventing principled conservative thinking from being in power (Reagan being the exception that defeated them) or stay there for long ("Progressive" GHWB claimed to have seen the light to gain our trust, and then dashed them later).

Controlling Education has been a dream of the Incrementalists since the days of John Dewey. Kevin Baker generated some fine commentary over a couple of books dealing with Incrementalist education since the beginning of the last century. That prompted me to recall something in more depth that I've only mentioned in passing here and elsewhere.

What follows is the lesson I learned from an incident I witnessed close to 50 years ago. My readers deserve to hear my report (that you won't find anywhere else) on my own site. I surely hope you guys can help this "agnostic" follow through with his conclusion. I'm pretty sure Kevin would not agree with that conclusion. I didn't even think of that portion while I was posting at his blog. That thought came to me overnight.

Forgive me if I've reported this here before, but it's germane to what has become of education. It provides evidence that the Left was organized and planning their long march early on, and even told us what they planned to do. We either didn't understand or didn't believe them until it was too late. Or is it?

Late in the 2nd trimester of my freshman year at Michigan, the first teach-ins against the Nam war were organized.  I only caught a glimpse of what was going on. But shortly thereafter came the student votes to condemn UM participation in war industry through research grants. Naturally the Engineering School led the voting bloc that constantly voted down the resolutions.

Well, after the SDS lost another vote, some bitch grabbed a bull-horn at an unusual rally site behind the UGLi* and declared
"the only reason we lost is because you're all ignorant. Don't worry, we will educate you." 
Most of us went off to work after college to do something productive. She and her ilk, no doubt, went to work as an educrat and thus infiltrated our education institutions. We let them sow their wind, and now nobody should be surprised that we are reaping the whirlwind -- the familiar mindless sloganeering of a herd of indoctrinated sheeple as we witnessed last fall in the Occupy movement.

The reason it now starts in the primary school classroom is that those 60's radicals first began to fully infest the teaching colleges then. According to CS Lewis in "Men Without Chests," the first seeds of that invasion began in British teaching colleges during the 20s and 30s.

Like I wrote up at the top, the "Progressives" were well planned from the start to incrementally bring about their complete control of the West (which is to say the world), while the rest of us were complacent at best. They thrived because they could use Alinksy rule #4 to force us to be tolerant of them by hiding behind the 1st Amendment. Good luck getting the same tolerance now that they are in charge. PC disguises Leftist bigotry and allows them to make rules -- which they enforce ruthlessly -- to silence us.

The question that is pressing us into service is, :
"Can the Right find and keep real leadership once again to thwart their plans and begin the reclamation of liberty?"
Probably. But only with reference to and appeals to God. I cannot think of any more in-your-face conflict with the Left (sinister) forces than bringing Him into it.

*A relatively small rally on the grass between the undergraduate library and West Engineering, probably to catch the attention of us engg students. IIRC, most rallies were staged out in the center of the Diag, on and North of the steps to the graduate library. Her words still ring in my ears. I fully suspect that was the whole reason they were there -- so that if they succeeded eventually, her words would be a form of gloating before the fact.

It's not over sister. If you're still alive, useful idiots are the first to wind up in the gulag because they are viewed as too dangerous by the inner circle.

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