Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Writers And Broadcasters For the SKUNCs

This was in response to a key element in Fran Porretto's first screed at his new home, Liberty's Torch, Addicted To Fear And Trembling.

Neither one of us should be surprised at the tack of a good number of the professional "Right" writers. Being the propaganda arm of the GOP "Progressives," SKUNCs, they are now more often providing us a peek of their masters' hatred for the individual, which is the masked version of what we hear from the radical Left.

I don't see how there's anything with which we on the real Right can effectively threaten these power-mad wolves in sheep's clothing. Their incrementalism seems to have succeeded in gaining control of all govt (however tenuous and inept it might be in practice). And especially since there are almost certainly nihilists near the top, theoretically willing to end it all if they can't rule it. At least that is what they want any potential rebel allies to believe.

About our only solution seems to be to divide them half as effectively as they are at dividing us (over and above what we individuals do on our own in that regard) while patching up our differences, plus a good number of us appealing for help from a higher Authority.

I have good reason to know you would like to believe that that solution is the true path. It's just that most of the time we find it to be so terribly difficult to practice.

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