Monday, April 09, 2012

No GOP Money For Media

In keeping with my position that the GOP cannot be trusted to use properly any funds I give her, I am taking the pledge to provide NO money to any candidate who will use it for media ads.

Money to the major media will allow them to survive and to go on to torment me for another generation.

The major American media are the single worst, most rotten, despicable prostitution institution in the whole world. Their influence over the American people has allowed them to divide us into minorities, and then they go on to foment hatred between those groups. Most of us know that the Trayvon Martin case is only a peek at what they are capable of fomenting.  Nobody knows which of us those liars will be painted as the next George Zimmerman. It's got to be up to us to register our displeasure in meaningful ways.

The media's aim is to stymy us with internecine warfare in order to prevent us from thwarting their shadowy* masters' take-over of this republic. That takeover would mark the true establishment of the world's most powerful empire since Rome, by far exceeding in tyranny that ancient power that was lost to its own decadence. Whether the rest of the world knows it or not, they are hoping for the American people's success in preventing that event.

It is incumbent on us to defeat this global tyranny nearing its goal. We must find a way to defeat the media first, and the SKUNCs behind our lines second.


*shadowy? Really? Don't take my word for it; take it up with Plato in The Republic.


  1. Ok, wiseguy. How do you plan on mounting opposition to the Democrats if you don't use the media. You must be nuts or working for the other side.

  2. Look at how Romney was able to get only a little traction against Santorum even with all the money he handed the Leftist media in the primary states. Obama will swamp him even if he tries harder than McCain (and it doesn't look hopeful.)

    People want to get rid of Obama so much that the admininstration knows it. So they seem dead set on grinding out illegal votes and other rotten tricks with the aid of the DOJ -- in the manner that Mugabe did the last few times.

    I say we use the internet blogs and emails and neighbor groups to get the vote out. And we can't wait for the GOP to do that either. They'll use any money we give them and hand it off to the Agency of Lies who will be able then to continue and pummel our side. And then fail to use any significant money to get people to the polls (or to protect their votes).

    My adversaries are the adversaries of all knowledgeable and decent Americans. We don't need nor want aristocrats, and it is a nascent Ameritocracy we are battling no matter how many different angered minorities and violent Leftists they have encouraged to make trouble via agit-prop. Unless we band together in alliance against them our posterity will curse our memory for not sincerely trying.

  3. I'm confident that your suggestion will not be heeded.
    But if we could get a boycott of the media itself, it would hurt them more.

  4. I agree on both counts Ed.

    However, when I get calls from the RNC, RNSC, etc., asking for contributions, even $35, I ask what certainty I have the money won't go to 1) the media who is against me and my values, and 2) what guaranties the money won't go to support GOP candidates that are too far to the Left?

    The best answer I ever got was from a young woman who said "I understand your concerns sir. I'm just doing my job."

  5. "I'm just doing my job."
    I vas only followink horders.


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