Saturday, April 14, 2012

You've Heard of Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Well it's time to recognize that the shadowy powers have a replacement for Bummer: It's Bumney

Guaranteed, after Romney gets elected there'll be people playing with his name much as we've all done with  the current puppet after he was inserted into the oval office (with all the qualifications laid down by the Dilbert Principle). At least Bumney has some qualifications outside of "community organizer."

Anyway here's my current "optimistic" surmise of what I see happening.

America is about to experience the new wave Right similar to Key of New Zealand. Bumney will be the next Prez because Bummer's radicals staying in charge would rock the boat too much, so the shadowy powers want him under his bus. (This surmise runs contrary to the idea of fanning a race war that I wrote about a couple of day ago: the pessimistic version of the future.)

Now that Bummer has pushed the Statist growth to an unsustainable limit of growth, they need Bumney to come in to consolidate the gains without breaking the infrastructure entirely. The sheeple will be so happy for the relief they'll accept the soft Statism and forget, forget, forget the constitutional threats that remain.

In this bizarro world that we are experiencing right now, this manipulation of our politics may seem far too prudent. When was the last time we saw sanity on our public stages?) But you know what your signal is that the tide is turning? More and more of this Agency of Lies will turn on the Bummer while the radicals will continue to claim Bumney is a wild-eyed right-winger.

The charade will continue, just a bit more to the Left than before. So we may yet have respite from those crackdowns you envisage. They will be much softer than the Stalinist prediction you could expect if the Bummer is reelected.

Call me an optimist if you wish. That would only be true if Bumney were really be a good shepherd, and not  if people believe that he is. You and I know better. What we see is that America would have back in the White House the Incrementalist version of puppet instead of the radical version we have currently.

That will give us a breather until the next time conservatives need to be elbowed out of the way for the next Leftward thrust. I'd rather see the breather cuz I'm not crazy. But we have got to be very independent sheep dogs. We must be barking at every effort where the new shepherd shows us he's taking us to where the old one did: leading the bulk of the herd to the slaughter house.


  1. Yes, it will be business as usual. I wonder if they will even bother to change the saddle on that tired old horse every new Prez gets to mount? The Tea Party and people like Allen West need to pressure every one of those bastards that facilitate and abet the slow destruction of the Republic, Democrat or Republican.

  2. Hold on Neme. I'm not sure you're aware of this.

    I will never forget that Allen West, unlike Michelle Bachmann, voted for the endless debt ceiling raise back on August 1 last year.

    The House of Representatives gave away it's most important power: the power of the purse. They caved to the threatened govt shutdown if they didn't give Bummer the keys to their purse. Boehner led them and Allen West was one of the few TEA party Congressmen to follow.

  3. No, I was not aware of that! Co-opted by the establishment already? Looks like speaker Boehner has cemented his position as well. I expected Boehner to be better than what he has so far shown. What a miserable bunch!

  4. He explains here that he went with Boehner because a Dem dared congratulated him for his cojones, and that meant to West that the Dems wanted to see the GOP split. Which means that West was now more comfortable with the Republican party than the TEA party. Shear Genius! /s Case closed on the reliability of thinking of Lt Col West to the TEA party. WTF is wrong with our side that this is not mentioned every time someone suggests West is a TEA party guy? I'm so glad I let you know. Now, spread it around every chance YOU get.


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