Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Near Future As Viewed from the Nuthouse

How will Americans choose to vote this year?

As we have begun to see cracks in the Agency of Lies virtual uniform accolades and defense of the Bummer, we gain a glimpse of the minds of those who Plato said would appear to us only as "shadows cast upon the cave [our mental prison] walls." I call them the "shadow powers" for short.

While commenting elsewhere, I think I stumbled upon the best words for how I feel about how Americans will be persuaded to vote this time.
At this point most people would accept Bumney much as a condemned man welcomes a rescheduling of his execution.
IOW, we vote for the GOP-E because we hope it will buy us time.

I know it’s a compromise. Putting it mildly — I greatly resent it that they got my country over a barrel so easily.

I lay out the circumstances that led us to this dilemma below the break.

Upon the elevation of Bummer, the Incrementalists became considerably more brazen. To let Bummer continue would destroy the engines of America and probably face open rebellion. I could be wrong, but the shadow powers didn’t finagle for more than a century to gain control of this power base to let it get destroyed by one radical prez. Nihilists may be useful for raising a ruckus and scaring sheeple, but they become a nuisance and prime candidates for neutralization when the time for power consolidation arrives. The radicals were the sand in the American oyster shell, serving as the Progressives’ avante garde for Critical Theory implementation. So now the real powers are "offering" to dial it back from 20 steps forward to maybe 10 or 15 under Bumney.

That’s their offer to America. Take it or leave it.

I think most will take it. They want to buy time. Because we love our country, we are wishing and are hoping -- and many are praying -- that something unexpected will happen. That it will permit us to regain our freedoms. Right? I bet I am not alone by a long shot in that hoping and praying.

OTOH, I know that by voting for Bumney I am also helping the shadow powers.  They have a lot to gain by electing Bumney. So I don’t think he needs any help from me. The shadow powers need Bumney, so Bummer is out in their minds.

The question remains is how violent will the radicals become when the Bummer appears to be losing or has lost? A night of the long knives or a Reischstag fire? I think the shadow powers favor the former.


  1. Dude, you're posting faster'n I can keep up!

  2. As with all men, I do not know the number of my days. I've recently begun fretting, haunted by the thought that I will neglect to share the gift of my insights while I still may, and be held to account for it. As a result I have not filled in what I know about many of the historical references for fear that I will get waylaid expanding upon them and not get to the point. I'm far too frequently guilty of that.

    If there is something more I can do, please tell me how.


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