Friday, April 20, 2012

Fatherly Advice #1

"If you go around wearing a chip on your shoulder, sooner or later someone is going to knock it off. Is that what you really want or is it something else?"
Children, particularly boys, who grow up fatherless, or with fathers who don't give a damn, are often not getting good advice. And I think this may be the single most important bit of advice that can be given to young men who believe walking around looking intense or mean, menacing or macho,  is a worthwhile means for getting ahead in this world. Maybe in an uncivilized world. Maybe were an uncivil world actually what society wants.

If society is content in raising a generation of thugs, it will not encourage older men to advise young men that carrying around a chip for imagined or even real slights has a very poor return on investment.

Particularly to the ladies: Fight against the PC silencing squads. End this effeminate fear of upsetting some poor snowflake's feelings. Unleash the old goats with their stern verbal warnings. While a word from the wise may go unheeded, as sure as death it can’t be heard when society’s ninnies censure those who warn.

**UPDATE, Saturday April 21, 2011**
It may seem dumb to admit this, but it wasn't until the next day that I realized that this post was inspired by the quote of the day that I had posted a few hours earlier. (In fact, as a further consequence, "Connections" may be the title of my next post.)

The silencing of the male perspective was also an aim of the Frankfurt School. Critical Theory that exploited the tension between the sexes -- what they cynically labeled as "Feminism" -- has been used effectively to neuter far too many males, criminalize many of those who were not neutered, while the threat of being made out to be a misogynist intimidated most of the rest into silence.

If I missed any other tactical ploy against men, tell me in the comments.


  1. I can't help but feel that had sweet 12 year old Trayvon Martin been guided by that old line about chips on shoulders, he would not become that sneering person shown on Facebook at 17, and would be alive today.

  2. Role models in both genders lives are a necessary addition for a balanced view of life. However, it can be demonstrated that the young male requires the guidance of suitable male role models more so than does the female require female role models. Yet we have allowed the gradual feminizing of all our institutions for which we are now seeing the results on the streets and in the general behaviour of those young males who have missed one of the most important aspects of life's opportunities to become a balanced individual.

    It is disgraceful that we have allowed ourselves to become what we now are, a rudderless Western culture.


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