Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Do You Consider Cannibalism?

Reported in the LASlimes this last Sunday, and as sent to me via email by an old friend:
Brazil police arrest three suspected of cannibalism, making pastries with human flesh  

SAO PAULO -- Police have arrested three people for allegedly killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make stuffed pastries known as empanadas that they sold to neighbors in their northeastern Brazil city. They had plans to kill another, police said.
The three suspects - a man, his wife and his mistress - belonged to a sect that preached "the purification of the world and the reduction of its population," said police inspector Wesley Fernandes in the city of Garanhuns. Fernandes said they confessed to the crimes.

The three allegedly lured women to their house by promising them a job as a nanny. Police found the remains of the two women in the backyard of the suspects' house, which enraged neighbors burned to the ground Thursday.
The friend, a pretty well-connected Incremental Statist who considers himself part of the intelligentsia, I would bet had sought to upset me a bit because he knows of my views. Can you guess my response?

Even more shocking is the fact that nobody in this country asks too much info about where the body parts came from when they need one. Harvesting organs is a big biz in China and for Western clinics who use them.

Civilization: isn't it grand buddy? The more we advance, the more the intelligentsia goes back in time. Is it humanitarianism or a new form of tolerance where humanitarianism is a form of husbandry followed by "product distribution?"

Has anybody heard the loud outcry from the humanitarians around the world? At the UN?

Wake me when the crickets stop chirping, okay? 

****Update, May 14, 2012****

Joan of Argghh!, God bless her, reawakened this subject (not the Sweeney Todd aspect either) when she posted I’m Not An Organ Donor. I Hope That Offends The Left. It is particularly valuable for the comments she thereby generated.


  1. The first appendage that the died in the wool statist should lose is the nose. At least then, the one eyed clowns may be able to see past it!

    1. Speaking of noses, did you see the news of this barbarity Neme?

      I bet that cop will be put through the ringer by all the usual suspects. In fact, because a cop did his duty despite PC BS indoctrination, this seems like the sort of concern you might want to keep tabs on.

  2. Was one of them a barber perchance?

    1. Life imitating art imitating life?

      Were it only culinary arts there'd be backlash. But since "everyone" might need a replacement part some day, the less said about it the better.

      Over at Joan of Argghh's place, there was Paul who was "insulted" that she had -- in my translation -- troubled his conscience about the organ donation institution.

  3. I also posted this over at Free Republic and got a surprising number of anecdotes that did nothing but confirm my suspicions.

    1. I'm glad you chose to use my anecdote (where I suggest that young-uns take up smoking as a means of making their organs less desirable).

      I noticed that some people there think living-wills are still a good thing. Maybe I oughta suggest to those who mentioned it that they read this informative warning?

    2. I.e., living wills found in the pro forma as written by the Florida legislature (and, I subsequently found out, reads the same in California's "suggestion") in combination with organ donation cards make one's hospital room awfully attractive to ghouls.


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