Monday, April 16, 2012

What Will You Do?

If Bumney was to throw the election to Bummer like McLame did in 2008 in the last pro-wrestling match, what would you do to force him to win?

This is an election of Anybody But Obama for me. And for a whole subcontinent load of other Americans (and foreigners) too.

So since there really is no other option short of God showing up to rain death and destruction on all lost souls, what will you do to see to it that Bummer loses?

Better the Bumney we don't know than the Bummer we do, eh what droogies?


  1. I am almost tempted to vote for Luap Nor. He is an anti-semite, has a foreign policy which pre-dates WWII, and at times is loonier than a cross between Daffy Duck and the Tasmanian Devil. But he has one thing (unless I have missed something somewhere) that all the other wanna-bes and the current asshat-in-chief do not. He is honest about who he is, and what he intends to do once in office. To the best of my admitted limited knowledge he has never wavered from any of the positions he has taken. NONE of the others can say the same thing, across the board.

    I dislike a lot of what he intends to do regarding foreign policy and such, but damn it, at least you would know where you stand with the putz. Can you say that about any of the others? Even the piece of vertical fecal matter in the oval office has not shown all his stripes. (Though he has shown me enough already to convence me there should have been impeachment processes started long, long, ago.)

    And as I care extremely little for the choice being forced upon us by our "betters" on the GOP side of the house, maybe it would be better to vote for someone I dislike just as much, but at least I know ehre they stand.

    Having said that, I know that would (if enough others do the same thing) allow Obama to have free reign for the next four years...cause he would beat the flip flopping fool from Mass-a-two-shits. But it is tempting. What say you?

  2. I cannot believe that California could go against Bummer. So my vote hasn't a helluva chance of sending any electoral votes to Bumney. I'm currently considering voting for the Constitution Party candidate as a protest. If I was living in a more closely contested state I'd vote for Bumeny just to buy the country some time. A 2nd Bummer admin is disaster. Again, in the scheme of things, I just don't see the globalists wanting to completely destroying our infrastructure, just to make serfs of most Americans. Bumeny wins and he raises taxes where Bummer can't. He continues letting the EPA run wild. And education gets dumbed down some more. Biz as usual but with less Marxism.

    Again using the Roman republic as the model: I just don't see a Sulla arising from our military to overrun the forces of our modern day Marius type governance.

  3. With all the social engineering that has gone on, for at least the last 50 year or so, in ernest, no I don't see anyone from the military side of the house doing it either. ( I could be wrong, there are more then a handfull of folks who take their oath seriously...and a lot of them are "ring knockers". So you never know. They may be keeping a low profile and biding their time...for the last possible do what needs to be done.) One thing is for sure, they damn sure are not going to have it be public knowledge. We shall see.


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