Monday, April 30, 2012

More Assaults On the 8th Amendment -- Your Rights Discarded

Originally published 10:27 AM  Friday, April 27, 2012

 The fascists are simply brazen. The US Constitution, anticipating their kind, tells them:
"Excessive bail2 shall not be required, nor excessive fines1 imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." -- Amendment 8
  1. First there was the assault declared upon the no "excessive fines" portion of the Eighth Amendment to the constitution. The EPA official who bragged about the policy to overwhelm the little guy with fines so large that they are left without funds to mount a court case to defend themselves from the fines. Be it comply or go out of business: it encumbers small competitors of bigger businesses.
  2. And today we have the prosecutor of George Zimmerman demanding that the judge RAISE THE  BAIL to much more than the original $150,000. Why? Because Mr. Zimmerman raised more than that for his defense via an Internet web site. The fascist forces aligned against him are allied against the very idea of self defense and orderly justice. They cannot abide that Mr. Zimmerman be left any funds to defend himself from their demands for persecutions. That's the whole damn reason our founders wrote "excessive bail shall not be required" as a Right protected by the 8th Amendment. The connected guy and rich guy do not need it so much as do you, the average American. And the connected and/or rich man are by far a greater flight risk than are you. Ira Einhorn anyone? Marc Rich anyone?
Where is the opposition party? The one that fights fascists and every sort of tyranny.

Blogs like this one need to call foul.  This is not a bad dream. This may no longer be your country as it was intended, but it IS your life.

If this is the only blog that sees this threat and is calling for the government to put an end to the injustices, then you -- the individual -- are finished.

Understand the assaults on YOU. Gather people to you who understand how bad things are. Fight back!

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