Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Charm" At the EPA

I think this will go viral and still be met by a big yawn form the Agency of Lies and even the Bumney campaign.

UPDATE: The original author pulled the video. But it still lives! in this report from FNC.


  1. The same kind of thinking that eventually puts a bullet in the back of the dissenter's head. And this buffoon's analogy on how the Roman's used to conquer new territory shows his ignorance of historical fact.

  2. The historical facts are clouded somewhat. Legions under different generals in either the republican era under the empire could be that ham-handed. For the most part you are correct. The most successful generals went out of their way not to lay the groundwork for resentment and rebellion.

    But the eighth Amendment's restriction of punishments to fit the crime is completely ignored by Armendariz' statement: "And so you make examples out of people who are in this case not compliant with the law. " I

    It is outrageous behavior. It is an attitude probably derived from the success of the IRS in getting compliance. But that's because the 16th Amendment has an unrestricted enforcement clause. The EPA (and other departments) powers are strictly statutory and thus ARE restricted by the 8th.

    What we are witnessing is IRS-like tyranny being implemented by all the executive agencies. Little guys can't fight and they know it. So they get compliance. It becomes up to us to stand firm as a nation. Only when someone harmed can get their appeal in front of SCOTUS, not until then can the court strike this down. And you know how Holder's DOJ is behaving -- completely politicized his office.

    My earlier post today touches on how this generation has slept on the job. Even if from some miracle we somehow wrest ourselves free of this awful Statism, there will have been so much damage that our posterity is sure to curse our memory anyway.

    It's the price on our souls of having found other things to do other than come down hard on the Incrementalists and their treachery much earlier. We were too stupid to deal with it, or maybe too otherwise occupied to notice -- and then not caring enough when we did notice. The Progressive have been famously stopped many times before -- hence their motto of two steps forward and one step back. If Bumney gets elected, that's only one step back. You surely know the game. At this point most people would accept Bumney as a condemned man welcomes a rescheduling of his execution.

  3. Yes, Romney will present a slight reprieve from the rapid social and economic destruction, but it will be generally business as usual from those in the shadows.

    The founding fathers of your nation, and also of mine, were astute observers of how political power can affect humanity, particularly the kind of humanity that now occupies the political establishments of both our nations.

    It has to be remembered that having the ability to join the dots which can then expose the bigger picture is not an instinctive trait that most humans share. For most people, the dots have to highlighted, in some cases endlessly repeated, before they are able to grasp the significance of where the dots may lead. And I believe you already understand this; if not for the fascist MSM those dots would now be wide spread public knowledge that undoubtedly would have caused far greater demonstrations than that already witnessed so far.

    I have often commented on other blogs that not enough citizens are hurting economically as yet, but that time will come, and that is when sparks will be ignited into spotfires which will then develop into a fully fledged conflagration for which only the dot joiners of humanity will truly understand.

  4. I think you have a fine germ of an idea there Neme. So many of us have specialized knowledge that allows us to connect dots in our disciplines. We need to encourage more people to go to the bother of doing that. It would be nice to have another blog with name such as "connect-the-dots-depot" where they could be collected and put together like a jig-saw puzzle by people who are good at that sort of thing.

    Why not consider expanding on the idea of connect the dots in one of your essays?

  5. Comment 2 above has a typographical error which I let slide then. But upon rereading it today I realized there are too many who will not fill-in the missing word "or." Here is the correct sentence. No emphasis on "or."

    Legions under different generals in either the republican era or under the empire could be that ham-handed.


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